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Hamilton City Council Votes “No” to Investigating Implementing a Municipal Land Transfer Tax

On October 30, at the General Issue Committee Meeting where the budget was being discussed, Mayor Fred Eisenberger brought up the possibility of implementing a Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT) in Hamilton. Discussion was had both against and in favour of the MLTT. Mike Zegarac, General Manager of Finance & Corporate Services at the City of Hamilton, informed the councillors that they cannot simply implement such a tax or revenue generating measure – they would first need to approach the provincial government to gain approval for such a tax collection.

As you may know, the provincial government under Doug Ford rejected York Region’s plan to implement a MLTT this time last year – essentially setting precedent in the matter.

A vote was held at the meeting to inquire with the province about a possible MLTT. The exact wording of the motion was:

“We direct our staff to ask the province if the revenue tools that Toronto was given are available to other municipalities, including Hamilton.”

This motion was voted down 7 to 6 votes. Below are the councillors who voted in favour and against the motion.

Voted in Favour of Investigating the MLTT Voted Against
Mayor Fred Eisenberger Ward 2 – Jason Farr
Ward 1 – Maureen Wilson Ward 5 – Chad Collins
Ward 2 – Nrinder Nann Ward 6 – Tom Jackson
Ward 4 – Sam Merulla Ward 7 – Esther Pauls
Ward 8 – John-Paul Danko Ward 9 – Brad Clark
Ward Ward 11 – Brenda Johnson Ward 10 – Maria Pearson
  Ward 13 – Arlene VanderBeek

RAHB will continue to monitor this issue, and will advocate against such a measure should the discussion at City Hall move forward. We would also work with our partners at OREA and the provincial government for support, as well as the public – as we know, this is not a popular issue with Hamiltonians.

If you have any questions, please contact Wendy in the RAHB office at wendys@rahb.ca.

Welcome New Members

We extend a warm welcome to RAHB’s newest members who joined our association between September 25 and November 4, 2019!

Samantha Acton
Ambitious Realty Advisors Inc.

Geraldine Bolle
Blair Blanchard Stapleton Ltd.

Jason Chahal
Bridgecan Realty Corp.

Julie Valentine
Century 21 Insight Realty Group

Ramandeep Gill
Century 21 Heritage Group Ltd.

Anosha Maqsood
Century 21 New Age Realty Inc.

Mike Paci
Com/Choice Realty

Sukhdev Bassi
Linda Rosati
Homelife Professionals Realty Inc.

Mary Nancy Kelly
Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd.

Rachel Bennett
Paula Gallant
Khusbu Panchal
Eileen Parker
Ken Vanlith
Keller Williams Complete Realty

Amanda McNair
Kate Paquette
Sheetal Anurag Singh
Keller Williams Edge Realty

Sara Berry
April Jones

Alicia Bezeley
Michael Brown
Linda Koslowski
RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc.

Mya Couture
RE/MAX Escarpment Frank Realty Inc.

Coreen Skeba
RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc.

BaoLian Qiao
Jeremy Waxman
Right At Home Realty Inc.

Stephanie Hutton
Laurence Kavanagh
Cortez Ranieri
Royal LePage Burloak Real Estate Services

Jacob Roberts
Diego Vizzari
Royal LePage State Realty

Barbara Iglic
Sutton Group-Summit Realty Inc.

Harish Setia
Zolo Realty Inc.

Secondary Suites — An Affordable “Gold Mine” for a First-Time Home Buyer

Currently, Canadians are struggling to find affordable housing options close to their workplace and family. As a result, the conversation about “affordable housing” has become a reoccurring topic for all the levels of government. As a result, it is important to ensure that when talking about affordable housing, the proper terminology is being used when speaking towards housing that is affordable vs. social housing.

According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and RAHB, spending more than 30 per cent of before tax income on housing is unaffordable. It does not solely refer to social or subsidized housing. RAHB is advocating for elected officials and governments to use the proper terminology of “affordable housing” in policies and officials documents, and when speaking to the media.

Secondary suites are an untapped market that enables homeowners to create affordable rental spaces. The creation of affordable rental units will help to stimulate the rental market, while also helping to reduce the homeowner’s expenses.

Dr. Frank Clayton, senior research fellow, Center for Urban Land Research and Development at Ryerson University, argues that secondary suites are the most cost-effective way to create rental units. Below are the estimated costs* to create a rental unit:

  • Secondary Suite in Existing Dwelling = $55,000
  • High-end Downtown Area  = $425,680
  • Median Central (Not Downtown) = $345,746
  • Basic Fringe  = $242,623
  • Non-Profit = $229,00 – $266,000

* The above costs are based on the Toronto Market Area.

A secondary suite is a great way for a first-time home buyer client to help subsidize monthly mortgage payments, while at the same time, helping to create more affordable rental units within the RAHB area.

However, to create a legal rental unit within the RAHB market area has become increasingly difficult. Thus, it is important that as REALTORS® you continue to speak about the importance of secondary suites and how they can help the RAHB market areas become more affordable not just for first-time home buyers, but for everyone.

For more information about affordable and social housing, please click the button below:

RAHB REALTORS® Release October 2019 Statistics

The REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington (RAHB) reported 1,145 sales of residential properties located within the RAHB market area were processed through the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) System in October 2019. October sales are up from September and August, as well as up from October 2018 by 6.4 per cent. The average price for residential properties increased by 7.1 per cent from October 2018 to $602,029.

Follow the links below for:




Niagara North


First-Time Home Buyer Incentive

Officially launched in September, the First-Time Home Buyer  Incentive was created to help qualified first-time home buyers reduce their monthly mortgage payments. Overall, the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive was created to make owning a home for the first-time a reality.

So, how does the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive actually work?

The incentive is not interest-bearing and does not require ongoing payments. The incentive helps to create a more affordable monthly mortgage payment for the first-time home buyer. The Government of Canada will offer incentives for:

  • 5% of a first-time buyer’s purchase of a re-sale home
  • 5% or 10% for a first-time buyer’s purchase of a new construction

It is important to remember that the first-time home buyer will need to repay the incentive. The first-time home buyer can repay the incentive in full at any time or if the property is sold after 25 years — whichever happens first. The repayment of the incentive is based on the property’s current fair market value, multiplied by the incentive percentage amount:

  • If they received a 5% incentive and the value of the home increased to $300,000, the payback would be $15,000
  • If they received a 10% incentive and the value of the home decreased to $150,000, the payback would be $15,000

How to know if your client can actually qualify for the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive?

  • Are they a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or a non-permanent resident who is legally authorized to work in Canada?
  • Do they have a maximum qualifying household income of $120,000 per year?
  • Is at least one borrower is a first-time home buyer?

Additionally, a first-time home buyer can come in many different forms:

  • Has never purchased a home before
  • Experiencing a breakdown of a marriage or common-law partnership
  • In the last four years, did not occupy a home with a current spouse or common-law partner that either owned.

Please click the button below for more information on the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive:

2020 OREA Board of Directors Election

All qualified Ontario REALTORS® are encouraged to seek election to the 2020 OREA Board of Directors on February 25, 2020 at the Ontario Real Estate Association Annual General Meeting of the Assembly to be held at the Scotiabank Convention Centre, 6815 Stanley Ave, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3Y9.

Two Directors-at-Large and three Provincial Directors (one each for Central, Northeastern and Southern Ontario) will be elected. Directors will serve a two-year term.

One Provincial Director for Northern Ontario will be elected to serve for one-year of the unexpired two-year term, filling a vacancy for that position.

Linked below is a set of materials regarding the election procedures for the 2020 OREA Board of Directors (the “Election Package”). The Election Package includes:

  1. Notice to all Ontario REALTORS – Call for Candidates
  2. Information for Candidates – 2020 Election of OREA Board of Directors
  3. Candidate Submission Form and Candidate Declaration Form
  4. Copy of the Special News Bulletin: “Call for Candidates – OREA Board of Directors” will appear at https://www.orea.com/News-and-Events/Newsletters/EDGE-Newsletters.


Please Note:

Candidate Submissions – Interested candidates must submit their name in writing and signed by the candidate on the form provided by OREA, and provide other ancillary documentation to the attention of:

Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Real Estate Association
c/o Andrew Popert, PwC | Partner, Assurance
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
PwC Tower, 18 York Street, Suite 2600, Toronto ON M5J 0B2
Telephone: 416-687-8901

Deadline for receipt of candidate submissions is no later than 4:30 p.m. on December 11, 2019.

2020 Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation Board of Directors

Ladies and Gentlemen:

All qualified Ontario REALTORS® and Executive Officers are encouraged to seek election to the 2020 ONTARIO REALTORS CARE® FOUNDATION Board of Directors on February 25, 2020 at the Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation Annual General Meeting to be held at the Scotiabank Convention Centre, 6815 Stanley Ave., Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3Y9.

Linked below is a package of materials regarding the election for the 2020 ONTARIO REALTORS CARE® FOUNDATION Board of Directors. The package includes:

  1. Notice of Election – Call for Candidates
  2. Candidate Submission Form
  3. List of Member Boards within each Area
  4. Copy of an article which will appear in a Special News Bulletin and posted online at www.realtorscareotario.ca as an open call for candidates for election to the ONTARIO REALTORS CARE® FOUNDATION Board of Directors


Please note:

Interested candidates must submit a fully completed Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation Candidate Form, including their names, seconders and candidate credentials, by regular and/or registered mail and/or courier to the attention of:

Secretary-Treasurer of the Ontario REALTORS Care® Foundation
c/o Andrew Popert, PwC | Partner, Assurance
PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP
PwC Tower, 18 York Street, Suite 2600
Toronto, Ontario M5J 0B2
Tel: (416) 687-8901

The signed original Candidate Submission Form must be received by PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP, on behalf of the Secretary-Treasurer of the Ontario REALTORS® Care Foundation no later than 4:30 p.m. on December 11, 2019.

RAHB 2020 Committees and Task Forces

Call for Volunteers!  Serving on a RAHB Committee is a great way to develop new leadership skills and continue your personal growth.
Please consider serving on a RAHB 2020 Committee or Task Force, and sign up today.

Why Volunteer??

  • Volunteering is a great way to give back to your profession
  • Volunteers grow and develop new skills as a result of their experiences
  • Volunteering provides opportunities to network and meet other real estate professionals
  • Volunteers make meaningful contributions to the association and its members

Please Click Here to Download the Volunteer Form.

Federal Election Results for within the RAHB Market Area

On Monday night, Canadians elected a Liberal minority government lead by Justin Trudeau. This is Justin Trudeau’s second consecutive term as Prime Minister with the Liberal Party; however, he will need to negotiate support from at least one other party in order to pass any legislation this time around.

Those elected to represent in the RAHB ridings are:

  • Hamilton Centre: Matthew Green* – NDP
  • Hamilton Mountain: Scott Duvall – NDP
  • Hamilton East-Stoney Creek: Bob Bratina – Liberal
  • Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas: Filomena Tassi – Liberal
  • Flamborough-Glanbrook: David Sweet – Conservative
  • Burlington: Karina Gould – Liberal
  • Oakville North-Burlington: Pam Damoff – Liberal
  • Milton: Adam van Koeverden* – Liberal
  • Niagara West: Dean Allison – Conservative
  • Haldimand-Norfolk: Diane Finley – Conservative

*These newly-elected MPs are the only new faces for the RAHB market area ridings. All the others are incumbents.

Please see below for the contact information for your Members of Parliament:

E-mail Constituency Office Social Media
Coming soon!** Coming soon!** Instagram: @matthewgreenndp

Twitter: @MatthewGreenNDP

Scott.Duvall@parl.gc.ca 555 Concession St, Unit 2, Level 2, Hamilton Instagram: @scottduvallndp

Twitter: @sduvall07

Bob.Bratina@parl.gc.ca 40 Centennial Parkway N, Unit 2, Hamilton Instagram: @bobbratina

Twitter: @BobBratina

Filomena.Tassi@parl.gc.ca 1686 Main St W, Unit 4, Hamilton Instagram: @filomenatassi

Twitter: @FilomenaTassi

David.Sweet@parl.gc.ca 1760 Upper James St. Suite 4, Hamilton Instagram: @davidsweet.mp

Twitter: @DavidSweetMP

Karina.Gould@parl.gc.ca 777 Guelph Line, Suite 209, Burlington Instagram: @karinagould

Twitter: @karinagould

Pam.Damoff@parl.gc.ca 2525 Old Bronte Road, Suite 590, Oakville Instagram: @pamdamoff

Twitter: @PamDamoff

Coming soon!** Coming soon!** Instagram: @avankoeverden

Twitter: @vankayak

Dean.Allison@parl.gc.ca 4994 King St, Beamsville Instagram: @deanallisonmp

Twitter: @DeanAllisonMP

Diane.Finley@parl.gc.ca 76 Kent St S, Simcoe N/A

**We will update this information once these MPs take office.

If you have any questions about the government relations efforts of RAHB, please contact Wendy Stewart at wendys@rahb.ca or 905.529.8101 x295.

For full election results across Canada, please visit the Election Canada website at https://enr.elections.ca/ElectoralDistricts.aspx.

REALTOR.ca Listing Stats App for REALTORS®

The highly anticipated REALTOR.ca Listing Stats app for REALTORS® launched through Apple and Google Play app stores on Thursday, October 17 at 10 a.m.

This easy-to-use tool for REALTORS® that allows them to view listing stats and manage leads on the go,is available for download.
Available for iOS and Android platforms, the app allows REALTORS® to:

  • track listing performance from REALTOR.ca and REALTOR.ca DDF®;
  • share reports with clients; and
  • respond instantly to lead notifications.

To download the new app, please click the respective links below:

  • App store (Apple):


  • Google Play (Android)


The app is powered through the listing analytics services currently used for Listing Stats featured on member.realtor.ca.

No additional registration is required. REALTORS® will be able to login to the app using their exisiting NAF credentials.

New MLS® Rules & Regulations Section 2, subsection 2.18

RAHB has received complaints from members who have had an appointment for a showing only to discover afterwards, the property had a conditional offer and they were not notified of the status change by the listing REALTOR®. Effective immediately, the Board of Directors have approved the following rule which has been added to RAHB’s MLS® Rules and Regulations, Section 2 – MLS® Listings, Sub-Section 2.18 as follows:

The Listing Member shall immediately, and with reasonable notice notify any party who requests a viewing or has received a confirmation for a viewing if the listing status changes including but not limited to “Active-CS” (Conditional Sale), “Active-NS” (Conditional Sale No Showings), “Sold”, “Suspended”, or “Cancelled”, or if a registered offer is received.

If a member fails to comply and there is a complaint filed, this matter will be brought forward to the Professional Standards Committee.

Should you have any questions, please call the MLS® Help Desk at 905.667.4650 or support@rahb.ca.


CREA is working with Google to make the app searchable in the Play Store.  In the meantime, there is a workaround to download the app on an Android device.
Step 1: In the Play Store, search for “Realtor.ca” and click on “REALTOR.ca Real Estate…” and logo. DO NOT CLICK OPEN (this will open the realtor.ca app)
Step 2: From this screen (see picture below), click on “Canadian Real Estate Association”. This will show all apps offered by CREA.
Step 3: From here, you will be able to download the “REALTOR.ca Listing Stats” app by clicking the icon.
Please feel free to contract the MLS® Help Desk with any questions at 905.667.4650 or support@rahb.ca.

Educational Session – Building New Rental Housing in Halton Region

Wondering how you can be more effective in advancing the development of affordable or assisted rental housing in Halton Region? Looking for some “tools” and resources? Just looking to network and learn more?

Monday, November 4, 2019
9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Dakota Room
Halton Regional Centre
1151 Bronte Road (external link)
Oakville, Ontario

They will have short presentations from experts in the field on the following:

  • Construction and takeout financing for Non-profits – Housing Investment Corporation (HIC), Joshua Broadhead, Chief Underwriter and Housing Services Corporation staff
  • National Housing Strategy funding/financing programs (Seed, CoInvestment, Rental Construction financing) with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Anthony Adrien
  • Ontario Non-profit Housing Association’s “Ready Set (re)Build” 2-day course that we are looking to host on December 12-13, 2019 with Fred Beaver, Education and Research Advisor (ONPHA)
  • Understanding the impact on municipal and regional planning policies and zoning for your development site with Joe Nethery, Manager – Community Planning, Halton Region
  • Rent supplement and tenant funding/placement opportunities, Andrew Balahura, Director Housing Services Social & Community Services, Halton Region
  • Upcoming opportunities for 2020, Sarah Phillips, Senior Policy Analyst, Halton Region

RSVP to s.phillips@halton.ca to attend!

RAHB REALTORS® Release September 2019 Statistics

The REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington (RAHB) reported 1,020 sales of residential properties located within the RAHB market area were processed through the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) System in September 2019. September sales are down from August and July, but are up over September 2018 by 3.2 per cent. The average price for residential properties increased by 8.5 per cent from September 2018 to $609,562.

Follow the links below for:




Niagara North


Welcome New Members

We extend a warm welcome to RAHB’s newest members who joined our association between August 28 and September 24, 2019!

Jamie Szalata
Ambitious Realty Advisors Inc.

Allan Zheng
Apex Results Realty Inc.

Debbie Bekker-Fawcett
Lilian Palacio
Century 21 Heritage Group Ltd.

Joe Hube
Chase Realty Inc.

Hassan Qureshi
Satnam Singh Deol
Jan Pearson
Keller Williams Complete Realty

Khamis Talya
Keller Williams Edge Realty

Patsi Hunter
Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd.

Gordana Gavrilovic
RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc.

Samantha Kilburn
RE/MAX Escarpment Golfi Realty

Luke Riddell
RE/MAX Escarpment Woolcott Realty Inc.

Danielle Ralph
RE/MAX Realty Enterprises Inc.

Deanna Van Groningen
RE/MAX Riverside Realty Inc.

Tricia Oldfield
Frank Stones
Anil Singh
Right At Home Realty Inc.

Denise Desousa
Royal LePage Burloak Real Estate Services

Mirella Faiola
Bronwen Roberts
Royal LePage Macro Realty

Susan Williams
Sutton Group About Town Realty Inc.

Christian Sherk
Thornberry Outlaw & Associates

Teranet to Retire GeoWarehouse Classic Version September 30

In December 2016 Teranet first introduced and made available the “NEW GeoWarehouse” solution.  The “NEW GeoWarehouse” is easy to use,  and offers the following features:

  • Enhanced mapping and search capabilities
  • Improved comparables and sales parameters
  • New property report
  • PDF generator capabilities for easy printing, saving, sharing and much more!

During this time, all RAHB members have been able to access both the “GeoWarehouse Classic” and the “NEW GeoWarehouse” versions. As of Septemer 30, 2019, Teranet is retiring the “Classic” version.  After this date you will only be able to access the “NEW GeoWarehouse”.

There are a number of self-assist resources available for reference, from manuals and guides to a NEW interactive video library. The links for these resources are:

Quick Reference Guide
Tips and Tricks
Training Videos
User Guide (38 pages)
Webinar Calendar

RAHB will be offering the course “NEW GeoWarehouse” with speaker Theresa Corindia at a cost of $10 + HST on the following dates:

  • Friday, October 25 at 1:30 – 3:30 p.m., and
  • Friday November 22 at 10:00 a.m. – Noon

You may register on-line through Matrix by clicking “RAHB Education/Account Services” link or by contacting Angela McArthur directly at either angelam@rahb.ca or at 905.529.8101, ext. 233.

To access the ‘NEW GeoWarehouse’, click on “Tools”, “GeoWarehouse” and then the “NEW GeoWarehouse” link at the top of the page as shown below.

Should you have any questions please call the MLS® Help Desk at 905.667.4650 or e-mail support@rahb.ca

CEO Announcement

Dear fellow RAHB members,

On behalf of your Board of Directors, I am pleased and proud to announce that we have hired a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Carol Ann Burrell will join the RAHB team as CEO on Monday, October 7. Carol Ann comes with many years of experience in association management. She has earned an Honours B.A. in English and History from the University of Toronto – University of Trinity College, a Public Relations Certificate from Humber College, and is a Certified Association Executive through the Canadian Society of Association Executives.

Below is a list of her experience:

  • The Outcome Group – President – November 2003 to Present
  • Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC) – Executive Director & CEO – January to February 2018
  • REIC – Associate Director (part-time contract through Outcome Group) – January to December 2017
  • Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners – Project Manager (part-time contract through Outcome Group) – January to November 2017
  • Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology – Executive Director (full-time contract through Outcome Group) – February 2004 to December 2017
  • Canadian Association of Exposition Management – Executive Director – September 1991 to January 2004

Carol Ann also served for 13 years in the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve, is a 3rd degree black belt in Goju-Ryu karate and holds the title of senpai.

We look forward to working with Carol Ann and learning from her leadership experience.

I would like to thank the CEO Selection Committee (names listed below) and our recruitment firm, Optimum Talent, for their diligent and thorough work in helping to find Carol Ann.

  • Bob Van de Vrande, President, Apex Results Realty Inc. (Chair)
  • Kathy Della-Nebbia, President-Elect, Royal LePage State Realty
  • Lou Piriano, Director-at-Large (Immediate Past-President), L. Piriano Real Estate
  • Ann Forbes Arndt, Member-at-Large, Royal LePage Macro Realty
  • Don Robertson, Member-at-Large, Com/Choice Realty
  • Conrad Zurini, Member-at-Large, RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc.

We owe a debt of gratitude to interim CEOs, Kim Sanders and Carolyn Infurnari, for keeping the RAHB ship on course and thriving since April. Kim, Carolyn and RAHB staff worked tirelessly to ensure RAHB members experienced no gaps in service during this time of transition, and I thank them for their professionalism and hard work.

Carol Ann should be in attendance at ProDev+ on Wednesday, October 9, and if you would like to welcome her to RAHB I recommend you purchase your tickets at https://www.rahb.ca/prodev-professional-development-plus/.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the RAHB Office at 905.529.8101 if you have questions.

Bob Van de Vrande, B.Comm., M.B.A., B.Ed.
2019 RAHB President
REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington

RAHB Christmas Closure

Below are the dates RAHB will be closed in December for the holiday season:

December 24 – at noon
December 25
December 26
December 27
December 31 – at noon
January 1 2020

Change to Townhouse and Attached Row Unit Picks

Currently when entering a residential listing in Matrix you have the option of selecting “Townhouse” or Attached Row”.

Effective Thursday, September 19, 2019 these two fields will be merged into one and renamed “Townhouse/ Row House”. This change will be reflected on all historical records, and will automatically update any of your Saved Searches and Auto Emails.

Should you have any questions, please call the MLS® Help Desk at 905.667.4650 or support@rahb.ca.

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