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Happy 100th birthday RAHB!

On Tuesday, January 26 2021, RAHB turns 100 years old and we want to celebrate online with you!

We encourage all RAHB members to post on social media celebrating RAHB’s anniversary starting now until January 31. Get creative as possible. You can raise a glass, blow out some birthday candles or even sing a round of Happy Birthday, whatever feels good to you.

RAHB has also created a graphic to share on social media if you would like to post that instead. Please click here to download the graphic.

To get the celebration started, please copy and paste the caption below. You can add this to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social media you see fit!

“Congratulations to #RAHB on it’s 100th Anniversary and here’s to 100 more! #100YearsofRAHB #HBDRAHB #RAHB100”

Don’t forget to hashtag!

Calling all Brokers of Record/Managers 

By the end of the week, all Brokers of Record/Managers will receive an e-mail from RAHB regarding RAHB’s new partnership with BrokerBay. Please speak to your Broker of Record of Manager to ensure your brokerage is using BrokerBay and its full potential!

RAHB printed forms discontinued as of January 31

During the COVID-19 pandemic, RAHB Members have adapted and transitioned to using electronic forms. RAHB’s printed Residential Property Information Forms dated 01/2020 and RAHB’s Commercial Property Information Forms dated 05/2018 will continue to be accepted for use until January 31, 2021, as well as sold in the RAHB Realty Shoppe until this date or sold out. After January 31, those forms will not be on sale nor will they be accepted. The most current Property Information forms dated October 2020 are only available electronically via WEBForms®.

The OREA Form 200 Listing Agreement – Authority to Offer for Sale is available by logging in to the OREA website, and will be available on WEBForms® shortly.

The WEBForms® icon is available via the RAHB Dashboard, as shown below. Members can access WEBForms® by logging into the SSO dashboard via, and logging in with their user ID and Password.

Once in WEBForms® , click the “Forms” icon on the left side of the screen, and then select the file for REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington.

Once here, click on either the Commercial Data Input Form or the Residential Data Input Form, as shown below.

If you have any questions, please contact the MLS® Help Desk at


Statements not Acceptable on MLS® Listings

It has been brought to RAHB’s attention that listings are being posted on RAHB’s Matrix system which include disclaimers that are in violation of CREA’s, RAHB’s and ITSO’s Rules and Regulations. The wording in these disclaimers which has been found to be in violation of these rules states the Listing Brokerage or Salesperson is not responsible for the accuracy of the listing information, and that the Cooperating Brokerage/Salesperson or Buyer are required to verify the information. This includes statements in Schedules which are part of the listing.

Statements of this nature have been reviewed by legal counsel and are in violation of CREA, RAHB and ITSO Rules and Regulations:

CREA’s By-Laws and Rules Section 11.3.2: Interpretations of the Three Pillars of the MLS® Mark:

The listing REALTOR® member is responsible and accountable for the accuracy of information submitted to a Board/Association for inclusion in the Board’s MLS® System, and the Board/Association is responsible for ensuring that the data submitted to it meets reasonable standards of quality.

RAHB Rules and Regulations Section 1 MLS® Sub-section 1.03 Acceptance of Listings (c), (ii):

The Listing REALTOR®/Listing Brokerage is responsible and accountable for the accuracy of information submitted to the Association for inclusion in the Association’s MLS® System, and the Association is responsible for ensuring that the data submitted to it meets reasonable standards of quality.

Section 1 MLS® Sub-section 1.04 Responsibilities/Penalties (c), (i):

The Listing Brokerage and the Listing REALTOR® are responsible for the accuracy and correctness of an MLS® Listing and for submitting the Listing Agreement to the Association as requested. The Listing Brokerage and the Listing REALTOR® are required to ensure that all information in the MLS® Listing provided to the Association, including, but not limited to, the District/Neighbourhood Code, Address (street and municipality), Property Type and the Tax Roll Number, is accurate and correct. All Listings shall comply with the REALTOR® Code, the Act, the Bylaws of the Association, these Rules, and any other rule or regulation or policy of the Association.

Section 1 MLS® Listings Section 2, Sub-section 2.05:

2.05 The Listing Brokerage and Listing REALTOR® are responsible for the accuracy of all information submitted by the Listing Brokerage to the Association’s MLS® System, whether Board Loaded or Broker Loaded.

Additionally, as per the RAHB/ITSO datashare agreement, listings must be in compliance with the MLS® rules, regulations and policies of both parties; otherwise listings which are not in compliance will be flagged for exclusion from the datashare if they are not corrected.  This flag will exclude the listing from the datashare and therefore will not be able to viewed by ITSO members and their clients..

The following is from ITSO’s Rules and Regulations Article 2 – Listing Procedures, 2.03, Sub-section (b):

The Listing Brokerage is responsible and accountable for the accuracy of information submitted to the Association for inclusion in the MLS® System database (see Section 2.10 below). The Association is responsible for ensuring that the data submitted to it meets reasonable standards of quality.

And Article 2 – Listing Procedures, 2.07, Sub-section (f):

In addition to the provisions of Sections 2.02, 2.03, 2.04, and 2.05 above and without limiting the generality of the other provisions contained in these MLS® Rules, a Listing shall not be accepted by the Association as an MLS® Listing if:

it includes disclaimers of responsibility by the Listing Brokerage or the Seller for the accuracy or completeness of the information on the MLS® Listing, or any requirement for Members or Co-operating Brokerages or Buyers to verify the information; and/or Regional MLS® Rules (Cont’d) Page 10 of 25 Approved – October 30, 2015 (g) it includes any instruction from a Seller that would relieve the Listing Brokerage or any other Brokerage of any obligation under these MLS® Rules.

The Listing Brokerage must take responsibility for the accuracy of all the listing data that is uploaded onto the MLS® system; and cannot shift the onus to the Cooperating Brokerage, Salesperson or Buyer to verify the listing data displaying on the MLS® system.

Should you have a listing(s) which contains any disclaimers regarding responsibility, liability, or accuracy (Including disclaimers recommending that the Cooperating Brokerage, Salesperson or Buyer must verify the data uploaded on the MLS® System), you are required to remove the disclaimer immediately.

If you have any questions, please contact the MLS® Help Desk at 905.667.4650 or e-mail

PREC and RAHB invoicing

Since the passing of Bill 145, Trust in Real Estate Services Act, 2020 (TRESA) on October 1, 2020, REALTORS® in Ontario have had the opportunity to incorporate, and can earn an income through a Personal Real Estate Corporation (PREC). With the new rules and regulations in place, some REALTORS® may find they can benefit from a PREC. 

  • For those members who have formed a PREC, it should be noted that RAHB invoices will continue to be issued to the member in their registrant name, as listed with RECO
  • A PREC is exempt from registration under REBBA and is permitted to receive remuneration from a brokerage if the PREC meets all the required criteria and satisfies all the conditions set out in the legislation
  • There are advantages and disadvantages to the creation and use of a PREC. Members are encouraged to consult their financial and other experts on whether a PREC is the right choice for them
  • A PREC is not a professional corporation as considered under the Business Corporations Act. It is also important to speak to the broker of record to inquire whether the brokerage is willing to enter an agreement with the PREC.  Brokerages are not obligated to do so
  • You cannot advertise using the name of your PREC to the public

Further information can be found at “A Guide to Personal Real Estate Corporations for Ontario REALTORS®” 

Reminder: COVID-19 restrictions

With COVID-19 cases continuing to rise within the RAHB market area, RAHB members are reminded to please follow the public health guidelines to order to do our part to stop the spread and protect the public.

The Government of Ontario has officially prohibited the hosting of in-person open houses (including pre-construction) in the province. Real estate brokerages, brokers and salespeople must cease hosting open houses. The (in-person) Open Houses feature in Matrix, which has been be disabled for all RAHB areas since 12:01 a.m. on Monday, November 16, will continue to be inaccessible. Members can continue to submit virtual open houses for all RAHB areas through Matrix.

While private in-person showings are permitted by appointment only, they are not recommended and should be avoided as much as possible. Please continue to use online virtual showings. Members are also encouraged to sign documents electronically and work with their clients to do the same.

To read the latest COVID-19 Update from RAHB (December 22), please click here.

RAHB also has a “COVID-19 Updated” which keeps all information in one hub. To visit the hub, please click here. This page includes links to municipalities within the RAHB market area as well as updates from OREA, CREA and RECO.



RAHB welcomes Directors starting new terms in 2021

RAHB is pleased to welcome the following individuals to the 2021 Board of Directors:

Jacquline Norton

Jacqueline has been a member of RAHB and of organized real estate for 20 years. She has served as a Director twice previously terms during very turbulent and changing times from 2019 to 2020.

Jacqueline believes that with her background and familiarity with real estate issues and her volunteering experience, she can help RAHB succeed.



Lou Piriano

Lou has been a member of RAHB and of organized real estate for 47 years. He has served as a Director six out of the last seven years including a term as President and Immediate Past President.

Lou wants to be a voice for the membership when it comes to access to local and province wide MLS® data.



Diane Price

Diane has been a member of RAHB and of organized real estate for 16 years. She has served as a Director in the past and is ready to represent the members again.

Diane is ready to “hit the ground running” to understand and resolve the issues that members care about most.



Julie Sergi

Julie has been a member of RAHB and of organized real estate for 15 years. Having just completed a two-year term, Julie is pleased to serve the Association for an additional two years.  

Julie will continue to listen, engage, provide insight, opinion and suggestions regarding many different issues that the Board needs to tackle.



Brian Shaw

Brian has been a member of RAHB and of organized real estate for 10 years. Back for a second two-year term on the Board, Brian has also volunteered over the years on various other RAHB committees.

Brian believes that his skill set and knowledge base has grown and expanded in a way that is critical to the forward momentum of the Board.



Nicolas von Bredow

Nicolas has been a member of RAHB and of organized real estate for 16 years. He has served as a Director for the past two years, and is the current Vice-Chair of the Audit, Risk and Finance Committee.

Nicolas wants to ensure RAHB is at the forefront of technology, data, member services, advocacy of home ownership and real estate moving forward.



David Zalepa

David has been a member of organized real estate for 25 years and member of RAHB for 14 years. David has served on multiple RAHB committees, and was the Chair of the 2020 Government Relations Committee.

David wants to ensure all members receive the services, products, technology and information to make their jobs easier.

We are excited to welcome David to the RAHB Board of Directors!


RAHB’s 2021 Board of Directors

Come learn with us in 2021

Come learn with us in 2021: Buy your All-Access Pass for Education starting January 26

Happy 100th birthday RAHB! Did you know that on January 26, 2021 RAHB turns 100 years old?!  In honour of this incredible milestone, RAHB is pleased to announce that a limited number of 2021 All-Access Passes for Education will be available.

The 2021 All-Access Pass for Education will cost $100 and is valid for any non-designation course offered between February 1 and December 31, 2021 that has a value of $45 or less. Consider the savings! You only need to take two or three courses to get your money’s worth for the year – and you can register for as many of the eligible courses as you want until December 31 of this year – all for only $100.

Sales for 2021 All-Access Pass for Education will begin on Tuesday, January 26 at 8 a.m. Remember, there’s only a limited number of these passes available, so mark your calendars! More details coming in the following weeks!

2021 brings new changes to RAHB’s MLS®

A new year is bringing change to RAHB’s MLS®. RAHB is excited to be the first real estate board in Canada to include BrokerBay in its suite of offerings included in your MLS® monthly fees. BrokerBay is already being used by more than 75 per cent of RAHB members at their own expense.   

As a result of adding this unique and highly popular enhancement to RAHB’s suite of MLS® services, ShowingTime will be discontinued as a core MLS® offering as of February 5, 2021. Those members who wish to continue using ShowingTime as their front desk appointment booking system should contact Donna Ruffer Zamarro at 1-888-224-2275. (NB: if you subscribe directly to the ShowingTime platform, you will still be able to access it through Matrix.)

The MLS® monthly service fee will increase to $44 + HST as of February 1 (the current fee is  $38 + HST). This monthly fee includes:

  • RAHB’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) through Matrix
  • BrokerBay
  • GeoWarehouse®
  • WEBForms®
  • Unlimited Broker Load
  • HPI

While a 15 per cent increase in monthly fees may seem high, we ask you to remember that members were given a credit for their November and December 2020 Monthly MLS® Service Fees – a savings of $76, which more than covers the increase for 2021. In addition, members who are currently using and paying for BrokerBay over and above the MLS® Monthly Service Fee will reduce their costs, as well as the time and administration to utilize the service.

More details will be available in the coming weeks about what you need to do if you are already using BrokerBay or want to sign up for this new service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact


The REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington (RAHB) reported 913 sales of residential properties located within the RAHB market area were processed through the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) System in December 2020. Sales were down 26 per cent over last month, but up 41.6 per cent over December of last year. New listings were down 47.9 per cent over November 2020 and up 34 per cent over last December. The average price for residential properties was $729,853, which was up 1 per cent from last month and up 25.4 per cent from December 2019. The number of active listings available at the end of the month was 52.5 per cent lower compared to the previous year.

*The news release will be posted to on Tuesday, January 5.*

Follow the links below for:




Niagara North

RAHB Dues Payment Reminder

If you have not already paid, this is a friendly reminder that the deadline of December 31, 2020 for the first quarter dues remittance is approaching.

The RAHB quarterly dues were billed and e-mailed to you as part of your November monthly invoice.

Due to COVID-19 we are encouraging members to pay Online through Matrix or Online through your bank (CIBC/PC Financial, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, TD Canada Trust).

Cheques may also be dropped off at the RAHB office (back door mail slot).

If you wish to pay by phone, you may reach out to one of the Corporate Services Team members at or and they will call you for the payment details.

RAHB also offers the option of setting up Pre-Authorized Payment via credit card or banking.

Note: The Virtual Association office will be closed for the holiday season from noon on December 24, reopening Monday January, 4, 2021 at 8:30 a.m.

A reminder about notifying RAHB of terminations in your office

Brokerages are responsible for notifying RAHB when members in their office resign or otherwise leave.  Notice must be received by RAHB within seven business days of the member leaving.  If notice is delayed beyond the seven business days, the Brokerage will be assessed a penalty of $50 per incident. (RAHB Bylaw, Article 4, Section 1.02.)

Curb-Side Pick-up Only Available for RAHB Realty Shoppe

Effective Monday, December 21, the Realty Shoppe will only offer curbside pick-up.

With Hamilton moving into the COVID-19 grey zone, and as a result of the impending Provincewide Lockdown, the Realty Shoppe will be closed to all in-person shopping until further notice. Pre-arranged, curbside pick-up will be available 9 a.m. to noon and 1 – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please note that the RAHB offices will be closing for the Holidays on December 24 at noon and we reopen on Monday, January 4.


  • Supply orders must be pre-ordered online at, by e-mail at, or by phone at 905.529.5979.
  • To learn more about to how use our online realty shoppe, please click here.
  • Orders must be pre-paid, and payment must be on your credit card or your RAHB account. Payment by debit and/or cash is not available at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Pre-ordered supply orders will be available via curbside pick-up only, at the parking lot entry door for the RAHB offices. Entry into the RAHB building and in-person shopping is not be permitted at this time.
  • Curb-side pick-up: A pre-determined pick-up time will be coordinated by Realty Shoppe staff with each member. Upon arrival, the member must wait in their vehicle within the RAHB parking lot, and Shoppe staff will bring the order out of the building and place it on a designated table in order to adhere to social distancing measures.
  • No RAHB staff have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and RAHB staff working within the Realty Shoppe do not have COVID-19 symptoms.

RAHB Waives Two Months MLS® Service Fees for Members

As a result of a review of projected income and expenses for year-end 2020, the RAHB Board of Directors has waived the November and December Monthly MLS® Service Fee for members.

This credit will be reflected on your December invoice which will be sent in January.

The RAHB Board of Directors made the decision at their meeting on December 10th as part of an annual review, as required by policy, of the forecasted year-end surplus or deficit.

Realty Shoppe Closure

Mark your calendars! The Realty Shoppe will be closed on Wednesday, December 16, in order to conduct a full physical inventory count. No sales or orders can be made. We apologize for any inconvenience – your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Legacy version of CREA WEBForms®

The Legacy version of CREA WEBForms® will be discontinued on December 17, 2020 and members will no longer have access to it. To learn how to migrate your transactions from the Legacy version of CREA WEBForms® please watch the below video.

More information about CREA WEBForms®:

➤ Your CREA WEBForms® Questions, Answered: CREA’s Relationship Training Manager Lynn St-Germain answers your most-asked CREA WEBForms® questions.

➤ Register for a free live webinar with a CREA product expert who can walk you through using the new platform and help you become a pro.

The Member Support Team is here to help. You can reach them by phone: 1‑888‑237‑7945 or by email:

Extended Member Support Team hours for CREA WEBForms®:

Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to midnight (EST)
Saturday and Sunday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (EST)

Welcome New Members!

We extend a warm welcome to RAHB’s newest members who joined our association between November 4 and November 30, 2020!

Amanda Chon
Catania Realty

Jason Q. Wang
Central Home Realty Inc.

Steph Afonso
Cityscape Realty

Amanjot Nannar
Homelife Professionals Realty

Ziegler Coelho
IPRO Realty Ltd.

Zarbuft Siddque
Keller Williams Complete Realty

Andrew Hart
Scott MacKenzie
Katy-Scarlett Meade
Hanish Nagrani
Chris Pruc
Keller Williams Edge Realty

Khalil Ebrahim
Properly Homes
Rebecca Schenk

Nicole Da Cruz
Brock Jensen
Troy McLellan
Tobi Rammo
RE/MAX Escarpment Realty

Parth D. Jani
RE/MAX Escarpment Woolcott Realty

Taranvir Mangat
RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc.

Aldona Mamaghan
Royal LePage Burloak Real Estate Services

David McCullagh
Royal LePage Macro Realty

Vahel Mzouri
Gord Phillips
Royal LePage State Realty

Jennifer Chan
Sotheby’s International Realty

Nelson Escada
Sutton Group- Summit Realty

Kenneth Laroza

Mohammed Hasan
Rohit Luthra
Zolo Realty

More REALTORS® Can Now Access the Canada Emergency Business Account

On October 26, 2020, Federal Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland, announced that the CEBA would be available to businesses that have been operating out of a non-business account through their financial institution.

The CEBA program provides interest-free loans of up to $40,000 to small businesses that have experienced a loss in revenue due to COVID-19. Repaying the balance of the loan on or before December 31, 2022, will result in loan forgiveness of 25 per cent (up to $10,000).

Eligible businesses include those who had a total payroll between $20,000 and $1.5 million in 2019, as well as sole proprietors receiving business income directly and family-owned corporations remunerating in the form of dividends. Businesses must also have an active Canada Revenue Agency business number with an effective date of registration on or prior to March 1, 2020.

If you are currently operating a small real estate business through a personal account with your financial institution and meet the above outlined eligibility requirements, you may now open a business account with your financial institution.

Once you have successfully opened a business account, you can apply for CEBA by contacting your financial institution. The deadline to apply is December 31st, 2020.

If you are wondering if the CEBA program is right for your business, the Government has created a pre-screening tool to provide business owners with an indication of their eligibility.

The Government has also created a CEBA Call Centre, which can be reached at 1-888-324-4201 between Monday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Canada’s 2020 Fall Economic Statement

On December 1, the Government of Canada released their 2020 Fall Economic Statement which included some good news for Ontario home owners, buyers, sellers, and REALTORS®.

The First-Time Home Buyer Incentive

The government is expanding the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive to enhance eligibility in Toronto.

To help people in Toronto buy a house, the federal government is expanding the program to be available to eligible buyers to purchase a home up to 4.5 times their household income, an increase from the current limit of 4 times household income.

Additionally, the eligible buyer’s income threshold is being raised from $120,000 to $150,000 for Toronto. These changes will come into effect in the spring of 2021.

Home Energy Retrofits and Assessments

The government is proposing to provide $2.6 billion over 7 years, starting in 2020-21, to Natural Resources Canada to help homeowners improve their home energy efficiency by providing up to 700,000 grants of up to $5,000 to help homeowners make energy-efficient improvements to their homes.

Additional information on home energy efficiency grants will be provided in a future announcement, and eligibility for these grants will be retroactive to December 1, 2020.

The government also recognizes that homeowners and landlords need to be able to access simple and affordable financing to make deeper home energy retrofits. Over the coming months, the government will outline details of a low-cost loan program that integrates and builds on available energy audits and grants, and which can be easily accessed by Canadians.

Extending the Application Deadline for CEBA

The government is extending the application deadline for the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) to March 31, 2021.

CEBA provides an interest-free loan to small businesses of up to $40,000, with up to $10,000 being forgivable if the loan is paid back by December 31, 2022. The CEBA program will also soon be expanded, allowing eligible businesses to access an additional interest-free $20,000 loan where it is needed.

To read the full Fall Economic Statement, please click the button below:


The REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington (RAHB) reported 1,233 sales of residential properties located within the RAHB market area were processed through the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) System in November 2020. Sales were down 24.12 per cent over last month, but up 17 per cent over November of last year. New listings were down 28.98 per cent over October 2020 and up 16.3 per cent over last November. The average price for residential properties was $722,317, which was up 0.11 per cent from last month and up 21.2 per cent from November 2019. The number of active listings available at the end of the month was 40.8 per cent lower compared to the previous year.

*The news release will be posted to on Wednesday, December 2.*

Follow the links below for:




Niagara North


Scholarship in Memory of Karan Barker Recipients

Scholarships in Memory of Karan Barker are presented each year to students who are children or grandchildren of RAHB members or RAHB staff. All recipients are attending or will be attending university, college or trade school. These young people have demonstrated academic excellence and a high level of involvement in their school or the community – often both.

We are awarding four scholarships of $1,500 each, totaling $6,000 for this year. We began awarding these scholarships in 2001, and with this year’s awards, we have helped 82 students with $118,500 in total scholarship money.

Please see below some information on each of our recipients.

Our first recipient is SOPHIE HUGHES, daughter of Honor Hughes from Homelife Professionals Realty. She is a graduate of Ancaster High School and is currently enrolled at the University of Guelph, majoring in Theatre Studies.

Sophie has received several awards for drama, including the 2020 Theatre Ancaster Drama Award, the 2019 Ancaster High School Musical Theatre Award, and the 2017 Ancaster High School Drama Award. So, I believe it is safe to say that Sophie is in a very appropriate program at Guelph.



Our second recipient is TARA LEWYCKYJ, daughter of Ron Lewyckyj from Re/Max Escarpment Realty. She is a graduate of Bishop Tonnos Catholic Secondary School and is currently enrolled at Brock University in the Bachelor of Kinesiology program.

Among the many things discovered through her studies in the Kinesiology program, Tarahas learned about different concepts of the human body and understands how the body works during different day-to-day activities. She has also played, as well as coached, soccer and this has made her realize her passion for helping others through physical activity



Our third recipient is MARK MADDOX, son of Andrea Harley-Maddox from Re/Max Escarpment Realty. Mark is a graduate of Sir Allan MacNab Secondary School and is currently enrolled at Trent University completing a Bachelor of Science in Health – Biology.

Mark has many educational experiences working with wildlife, including: collecting terrestrial and wetland plants throughout Ontario; assisting a project investigating the breeding ecology of Canvasbacks in Southwestern Manitoba; live-trapping and handling Striped skunks, Red foxes, Raccoons, and Virginia opossums with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry; and working within the Aquatic Toxicology Unit for the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.



Our fourth and final recipient is JACK PHIBBS, son of Tanya Clark and grandson of Bruce MacDonald both from Royal LePage G. Bruce MacDonald. He is a graduate of Cayuga High School and is currently enrolled at the University of Waterloo in the Applied Health Sciences program.

Jack played in the Ontario Hockey League with the Flint FireBirds Hockey Club, and while there participated in many community events – such as helping serve food at a homeless shelter, engaging with children living at a local foster care facility, and meeting with fans of allages at local hospitals. This donation of his time and the impact he made in the greater-Flint community made him the mostdeserving player of Humanitarian of the Year for the 2018-19 season for the Flint Firebirds team.



Congratulations to all of our very deserving recipients.

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