Flood Victims in N.B. and B.C. Need Our Support

A message from the Canadian Real Estate Association:

Flood Victims in N.B. and B.C. Need Our Support

Imagine having to evacuate your home. Feeling powerless while flood levels keep rising, reaching unprecedented levels. Waiting anxiously until the water has receded then returning home to assess the damage and start down the long road to recovery.

Our fellow Canadians in communities in both New Brunswick and British Columbia are right this very minute piecing their lives back together after severe flooding.

The REALTOR® community has shown, time and time again, that when disasters strike, we are keen to come together and raise funds for the victims. Unfortunately, the time has come again when our help is needed.

In solidarity with boards and associations in New Brunswick and British Columbia, the Canadian Real Estate Association is asking the REALTOR® community to consider giving what you can to help the Canadian Red Cross deliver long-lasting relief to those impacted by the recent record-breaking flooding. By donating, you’ll help show that REALTORS® from across the country are here to help those affected in their time of need. The more money we raise together, the stronger that message will be.

Click here to make a tax-receiptable contribution to the Canadian Red Cross securely using one or both of our REALTORS Care® donation pages.

Thank you for your continued generosity and for showing the world that REALTORS Care®.

Important! Look4Homes App for Android Receiving Upgrade

On Thursday, June 7, 2018, the Look4Homes app for Android will be upgraded. There are a number of improvements incorporated into the upgrade, including a fix for issues with map location.

You and your clients/customers with Android devices must accept the upgrade for the changes to be available on your device. In particular, you must accept the upgrade between Thursday, June 7 and Sunday, June 10 for maps to continue working.  If you do not, maps stop working on June 11 and will not work until you accept the upgrade.

Please spread the word among your colleagues and clients/customers.

Dues Notice – RAHB Dues Deadline June 30, 2018

The quarterly RAHB dues have been billed and e-mailed to you as part of your May monthly invoice.  Please note that dues are payable no later than June 30, 2018.

Full Member

$125.00 – RAHB dues (July-September)
$28.75 – OREA dues (July-September)
$77.50 – CREA dues (July-September)
$30.06 – HST
$261.31 – Total

Acceptable methods of payment are:

In person: Visa, MasterCard, Interac, cash or cheque
By phone: Visa or MasterCard
Online through Matrix: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Visa Debit – http://my.rahb.ca
Online: CIBC/PC Financial, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, TD Canada Trust – for assistance to set up, please contact Karin at 905.529.8101 x 258.

Pre-Authorized payment subscribers will be processed on Thursday, June 21, 2018.

A reminder about notifying RAHB of terminations in your office:

Brokerages are responsible for notifying RAHB when members in their office resign or otherwise leave.  Notice must be received by RAHB within seven business days of the member leaving. If notice is delayed beyond the seven business days, the Brokerage will be assessed a penalty of $50 per incident (RAHB Bylaw, Article 4, Section 1.02.).

Matrix: Change of Domain Name for E-mails

As of Thursday, June 14, all e-mail sent from Matrix will come from @CanadaEastMatrixMail.com instead of @mlsmatrix.com.

This change will better protect the Matrix e-mail infrastructure.

No action is required by you. Matrix e-mails will continue to be delivered as usual. In the unlikely event that you or a client do not receive Matrix e-mails after the change, please check your spam or junk folder and mark any Matrix messages as “safe” or “not spam”.

Caledonia Open Forum

Thank you to all members who attended the Caledonia Open Forum on June 5, 2018.  There was great dialogue and participation by all members, and some of the discussion included upcoming events, RAHB initiatives, professionalism, and updates from representatives on the Nomination Committee and Charity Auction Task Force.

Joining the Open Forum was Jaymie Nelson, Senior Economic Development Officer for Haldimand County.  A few members asked Jaymie where they can find the Community Profile:  It can be downloaded in full online here.  Also, if any RAHB members are interested in getting FREE print copies of Haldimand County Maps and Guides, they can simply fill out this form, and they will make arrangements to get them to you.

** Remember: There are still two more Open Forums being held this month.  You don’t want to miss out so please pre-register today!

The next Open Forums will take place in Grimsby on Friday, June 15, and Dunnville on Wednesday June 20.


RAHB Board of Directors Update – May 31, 2018

RAHB President Jack Loft and CEO George O’Neill provide an update on the Board meeting that took place on May 31, 2018 in the newest Board of Directors Update video. They cover the Electronic Lock Box Survey, a new RAHB Advantage partner coming soon, the new RAHB video and OREA’s Champions Program.

Thank You For Your Participation in Our Electronic Lock Box Survey!

We are currently analyzing the results of the electronic lock box survey. Thank you for your participation! We will provide the results to the Board for review and then summarize for all members in an upcoming issue of NewsReal – so stay tuned!

In the meantime, congratulations to our winner of the $50 Tim Horton’s gift card – Jordan Zalter of Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd.!

MLS® Rules and Policies – Fines

Do you know which MLS® Rules or Policies have automatic fines? Check them out!

Rule/Policy Number What You Should Do/What Has Happened to Trigger a Fine Fine
MLS® Policy Miscellaneous #22 You reported a combined listing sold with multiple individual units listed together under one MLS® number, and failed to cancel the additional associated listings the same day (as required per RAHB”s MLS® policies) 1st offense: warning letter
Second and subsequent offences: $100 fine
MLS® Policy Photos #2 At least one photo image must be uploaded to your listing within 2 business days of receiving an MLS® number $50
MLS® Policy Taxes #1 30 days after the tax rate has been set, taxes on all new MLS® listings must be for the current year $100
MLS® Policy MLS® Marketing Options #8 A sale was reported on an address but additional listings at the same address were not cancelled and remain active on the MLS® System $100
RAHB Rule Section 9.01 Report all firm and conditional sales within two Association business days following written acceptance of any Offer 1st offense: warning letter
2nd offense: $100 fine
3rd offense: $250 fine
4th or subsequent offenses: $400 fine
MLS® Policy Miscellaneous #11 Any listings entered in error will be deleted from the system, and the Member fined for each listing deleted $50
MLS® Policy Open House #4 & Miscellaneous #17 A scheduled open house was not open for viewing $50
MLS® Policy Miscellaneous #5 & #6 No personal contact information may appear in the REALTOR® remarks or the Client (Public) remarks.  The following is considered personal contact information:

  • Member’s first name, last name or both, team name
  • Brokerage office name, Member’s phone number (cell phone, direct line, etc) or fax number
  • Member’s office phone number or fax number
  • Any email addresses or website links
  • Note: Multi-media links (virtual tour, brochure, additional images) must appear in their respective fields and not in the remarks
MLS® Policy Photos #4 When a member uses another member’s listing photo(s) without written permission, the photo(s) will be removed,  the status will be changed to information withheld until a new photo is provided $50
MLS® Policy Photos #3 A fine of $100, in addition to the standard $50 no photo fee, if the member does not submit a photo for their listing after the initial fine has been levied $100


If you have any questions about MLS® Rules and Regulations or Policies, please contact the MLS® Department at 905.667.4650 or support@rahb.ca.

Property History – Inconsistencies in Property Address

It has been brought to our attention that some listings in the system may not be showing complete property history. Property history relies on unique property identifiers to link to historical listing data. The unique identifiers used in this process are made up of a combination of key listing fields including Region, Municipality, Neighbourhood, Street Address, City and Postal Code. Recently, PIN and Roll number (if available) have been added to the logic to provide improved accuracy.

In many instances where a problem with property history has been reported, inconsistencies in the property address across the historical listings are the cause (usually a City or Street name). In these cases, staff have been able to make adjustments to the field(s) causing the inconsistency, allowing the unique identifiers to match and history to properly link.

The below example illustrates how Property History may become broken because of an inconsistent address across two listings:

Listing #1
1234 #65 Regional Road
West Lincoln, Ontario
L0R 1Y0

Listing #2
1234 #65 Regional Road
Smithville, Ontario
L0R 1Y0

In effort to avoid inconsistent entry of listing addresses we recommend using the Fill from Geowarehouse function in Matrix Input.

If you encounter a listing which is missing property history, please use the Report Data Error link in Matrix to notify RAHB MLS® Helpdesk Staff of the issue so it can be investigated and corrected.