CREA is working with Google to make the app searchable in the Play Store.  In the meantime, there is a workaround to download the app on an Android device.
Step 1: In the Play Store, search for “” and click on “ Real Estate…” and logo. DO NOT CLICK OPEN (this will open the app)
Step 2: From this screen (see picture below), click on “Canadian Real Estate Association”. This will show all apps offered by CREA.
Step 3: From here, you will be able to download the “ Listing Stats” app by clicking the icon.
Please feel free to contract the MLS® Help Desk with any questions at 905.667.4650 or iOS & Android App Updates

On Wednesday, August 21 at 10 a.m. the iOS & Android App underwent a scheduled update.This update included bug fixes and performance enhancments for both the iOS and Android mobile applications, including fixes and improvements to the open house features.

Issue – Personal Photos

An issue with the app has been brought to our attention, and CREA is currently investigating.

If REALTORS® upload their personal photo to appear on, when users are using the app on an iPhone, their personal photo will not appear.

We will update this message when this issue has been resolved or we receive additional information from CREA.

Spam Targeting Members

CREA has informed RAHB of some new spam targeting members. In some cases they attach a logo of to give the illusion that they are from The offenders are using the domain name ( . This same spam appears to have been used to target other real estate websites from time to time.

There is another case where individual listings are copied and used as the basis for a fraudulent ad on another website (like Craig’s List or Kijiji).

Please see the pictures below for some examples of the spam.


























Please click the blue button below to see the response from CREA’s President Jason Stephen regarding how CREA handles these matters.

Message From CREA President

If you find any messages that are suspected spam, please contact RAHB.

WEBForms® Update Summary

Please find attached an FAQ which highlights some differences between CREA WEBForms® 2019 and CREA WEBForms® Legacy. This FAQ can also be found on the WEBForms® section on CREA’s REALTORLink® page.

Click here to read the FAQ.

The WEBForms® Training material on the Training Hub can be found here.

Below is a new video highlighting some of the features.


RECO 2019 Annual General Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting
Thursday, May 16, 2019

To all members of the Real Estate Council of Ontario:

You are cordially invited to attend the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO).

When: Thursday, May 16, 2019
Where: Old Mill Toronto, 21 Old Mill Road, Toronto, Ontario M8X 1G5
Registration begins at 9 a.m. in Brulee Room A
Meeting begins at 10 a.m. in Brulee Room B

The purpose of the meeting is to:

  • Appoint Auditors of the corporation until the close of the next Annual General Meetiing of the corporation
  • Elect the Industry Director nominees selected by each of the three regions to the Board of Directors
  • Approve a bylaw amendment
  • Provide members with an opportunity to ask questions

You can find the agenda and resolutions for the AGM here.

The audited financial statements are contained in RECO’s Annual Report.

You may find information on the proposed bylaw amendment here.

Members of RECO who are not able to attend the meeting may submit questions in advance.

For additional details about the AGM, please click here.

Please remember to bring your RECO registration certificate (or the electronic certificate in the MyRECO app).

The Real Estate Addition Podcast with OREA President Karen Cox

OREA President Karen Cox is hosting a monthly podcast where she will sit down with industry experts to discuss subjects important to REALTORS®, like Standard Forms, tax advice, recreational real estate, and lead generation. Each episode is complete with updates on Government Relations, Standard Forms and real estate news that could impact Ontario REALTORS® and their growing businesses.

New episodes are released the second Tuesday of every month on our SoundCloud and iTunes accounts, and are shared across our social media channels.

This month, Karen spoke to real estate accountant Cherry Chan! You can find our social links below.







New CREA WEBForms® 2019

On April 23, 2019, Members in Ontario will have the option to use the new WEBForms® 2019, or WEBForms® Legacy (the current WEBForms). WEBForms® Legacy will remain available to Members until December 2019. CREA will be sending out a pre-launch email to all Ontario WEBForms® users a week prior to launch letting them know it’s coming. On launch day CREA will send out an e-mail to all Ontario users letting them know it is available to try and will include a link to a WEBForms® Training Hub.

What is being migrated from the current to the new WEBForms® you ask?

  • All (Personal and Office) templates
  • **Members will have to re-insert any clauses and/or entered information into their templates**
  • All clauses (Provincial, Board, Office and Personal)
  • All Forms (CREA, Provincial, Board and Office)

What is NOT being migrated?

  • Existing transaction kits will not be automatically migrated
  • If a Member wishes to keep one or more of their old transaction kits, they can individually migrate them to WEBForms® 2019, where they will be imported as non-editable PDFs (READ ONLY) into their new document management
  • 3rd Party links. All existing 3rd Party ADDons (Docusign, etc.) will be available in WEBForms® 2019, but users will need to re-link them

What is staying the same?

  • Form auto-population – All existing form auto-population functions will continue as they do with Legacy

New Look

WEBForms® now has a public facing landing page. Previously, if you went to you were presented with the NAF log in screen, which didn’t provide any information about the application and was confusing to those not familiar with NAF. Now a user has an opportunity to learn more about WEBForms® or to sign in and use the application. If a user is already logged into NAF, they won’t need to sign in again.

Legacy View

Once CREA has rolled out the new WEBForms 2019, members going to WEBForms® Legacy will be presented with a pop up advertising that WEBForms® 2019 is available, giving them an opportunity to go and try the new version, or to remain in Legacy.

Switching Views

Through until the end of 2019 Members will have the ability to switch from the Legacy to WEBForms® 2019 via a pop up or via a link in the top banner of the screen.

New WEBForms Training

Watch for CREA to send out a communication offering online help in addition to in-class training, training webinars you can register for, or view online training videos.  In the link below watch CREA’s Relationship Training Manager Lynn St. Germain show an overview of WEBForms® 2019

Should you have any questions regarding the new 2019 WEBforms®, please contact the Help Desk at 905-667-4650 or email

RECO/TICO & Short-Term Rentals

On Friday, April 12, the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) and Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) affirmed the right of real estate brokerages to transact short-term rental properties.

The affirmation comes in the form of bulletins from both regulators that clarify the rights of Ontario real estate brokerages under REBBA to transact short-term rental properties.

Thanks to this ruling, members will not have to register as travel agents in order to transact vacation properties provided they do it through their brokerage – saving members thousands of dollars in costs and dozens of hours taking courses/passing exams.

This issue was brought to OREA’s attention by the Southern Georgian Bay Association of REALTORS® and The Lakelands Association of REALTORS® whose local members were receiving compliance letters from TICO asking them to register as travel agents.

Through some quick action, OREA was able to get TICO to stop their double registration compliance campaign. TICO and RECO then set about creating a short-term solution to the problem which was announced today in the form of the below bulletins.

Going forward, OREA will be working with Minister Bill Walker and his team to address the issue for the long-term as part of the Province’s updates to REBBA.

This is another great example of what a united and strong REALTOR® voice can do to protect its members from unnecessary red tape and costs.

Read OREA’s Statement

Read the RECO bulletin

Read the TICO bulletin



OREA Webinar

Join OREA for PART 2 of the 2019 OREA Forms Update, Answering Member Questions Webinar. This webinar is a comprehensive overview of the changes that have taken place to OREA Standard Forms and Clauses for 2019 AND provides answers to a host of Member Forms Questions. This year there are only 12 forms that did not receive any changes so don’t get caught off guard when filling out a form on your next listing or sale!

Register for the webinar

We are going to cover:

  • What’s New in 2019
  • What’s Revised in 2019
  • A Review of Forms to assist REALTORS with written Notification, Communication and varied Consents for trading accountability
  • A review of the New & Revised Clauses
  • Navigation of OREA Forms Resources to assist in day to day practice and enhancement of Forms knowledge
  • Helping Members use OREA Forms & Clauses in 2019, to avoid being caught off guard when completing their next Form!
  • Answers to frequent Member Form & Clause Questions

The session will include a 45-minute presentation, followed by Q & A period. The Webinar will be facilitated by Cassandra Agnew Walker, Head of Standard Forms at OREA, a former REALTOR®, OREA Director and Instructor. She has extensive facilitation experience with brokerages, boards and associations and exudes enthusiasm in Member Forms discussions.

Visit the Standard Forms landing page to view our comprehensive list of OREA Forms resources benefiting REALTOR® Members.
All OREA Standard Forms webinars, webcasts, forms explained files, tutorials and related resources are for OREA members only. 

The Ontario Government is Consulting on REBBA Reform – and They Want to Hear From You!

The Ontario government launched a consultation on a broad range of possible changes to the Real Estate and Business Broker Act, 2002 (REBBA). The government is seeking feedback in many areas, including multiple representation, transparency in the offer process, and salesperson incorporation.

Feedback Survey

RECO encourages all brokers and salespeople to participate by reading the government’s consultation paper and submitting comments. Click here to read the paper.

Updating REBBA will ensure that the legislation keeps pace with the evolving real estate marketplace. To learn about RECO’s position on REBBA reform, check out Proposals for REBBA Reform.

The government will be accepting feedback until March 15, 2019.

For more information about the consultation process, please see the Ontario government’s news release.

Changes to

On January 31, CREA will be releasing a maintenance update on Changes will include launching redesigned email templates, including and DDF® leads; as well as enabling all listing REALTORS® to receive email notifications when their new listings go live on

This maintenance will also allow members to know when their listings go live on, so they will be able to check data accuracy, start listing marketing campaigns that lead visitors to and connect with their clients. The refreshed lead emails will deliver the enhancements members have been asking for such as prioritizing listing’s address in the subject line and making the lead information easier to review.

The estimated duration is from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. and there is a moderate potential impact to the site however no downtime is required.