Do you know where you can find zoning information for all municipalities within the RAHB market area as well as for the surrounding areas covered by the regional group?

The answer:  in Matrix!

Just click on the Links tab, and when you see the list of System Links, scroll down to Zoning. It’s that simple! Click on a link and you will go straight to the zoning information or, in the case of Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville and Niagara Falls, you can choose to use the interactive zoning maps or read the zoning bylaw.

While you are scrolling down the list of links, why not check out what other information you can link to in Matrix: RAHB sites, tax information for various municipalities, CREA sites, OREA sites and other resources.

Check out what you can find under the Links tab today!

P.S. You will also find links to the Hamilton and Burlington interactive zoning maps through buttons on your dashboard at!