David Greenspan Course

The below letter is from our 2020 AGM speaker, David Greenspan:

We hope that you and your family are keeping well during this time.

We are confident that COVID-19 will pass. Doing our part to be socially responsible by practicing social distancing right now, will help us all flatten the curve and get us back to our normal routines quicker.

As we are all staying home right now, we want to help you stay sharp and be prepared for when this ends, and this is why we would like to offer you this opportunity to join in on The MindShare Challenge.

It is an online marketing and sales course to help you with many aspects of your business.

We have worked out a special price for the REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington Members to take advantage of 50 per cent off the normal $497, making it only $248.50 for you right now. The course starts on April 7, at 12 p.m., and will run twice a week for four weeks, every Tuesday and Thursday. There are eight sessions total, and each session is one hour of live training.

We are doing this in an effort to help you with self development while we all have a little bit of extra time on our hands.

You can learn more about the Challenge by going here – https://mindshare101.com/mindshare-challenge-live-online/

The 50 per cent Off Promo Code is: RAHB50

Bank of Canada Announcement and Hamilton Event

On Wednesday, March 6, the Bank of Canada announced that it will hold its key interest rate steady at 1.75 percent. The corresponding prime rate at all five of Canada’s big banks is currently sitting at 3.95 percent.

At an event hosted by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, March 7 at the Sheraton Hotel in Hamilton, Lynne Patterson, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada, provided additional reasoning on the key interest rate hold.

Recent data suggest that the slowdown in the global economy has been more pronounced and widespread than the Bank had forecast in its January Monetary Policy Report.

As a result, Canada will see a weaker first half than was projected by the bank in January. In particular, the following factors were more unsteady than expected:

  • Exports and business investment within the energy sector
  • Consumer spending
  • The housing market

The central bank is projecting total CPI inflation to remain slightly under their target of 2 per cent throughout the entirety of 2019.

To view Lynne Patterson’s full speech from the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce event, please click the below button:

Bank of Canada Event – More Info

Back by Popular Demand – Self-Protection Course

Please note that the self-protection course scheduled for January 17 is full however RAHB has organized another course with Rob Andress! Rob will be back at RAHB on Tuesday, February 19, 2019 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. to teach Self Protection and Strategies to Avoid Violence for Real Estate Professionals.

To learn more about this course, please visit our website here.

A new education opportunity titled Seven Proven Steps to Help Estate Professionals Save Tax with speaker Cherry Chan will take place on Thursday, February 21 from 10 a.m. – Noon. As well we will have Maureen Tabuchi at RAHB on Monday, January 21 from 9:30 a.m. – Noon to speak towards Estate Planning – What Real Estate Professionals Need to Know.

Please click here to see all upcoming education opportunities.

Real Estate Outlook Presentation 2019

On November 29, Anthony Passarelli, Senior Market Analyst for CMHC, presented a 2019 Market Outlook for Hamilton-Burlington at RAHB’s Real Estate Outlook 2019.

If you were unable to attend, below is a short recap video of Anthony’s presentation as well as his slides and the slides from Guy Paparella, Special Projects Manager for the City of Hamilton Planning and Economic Development Department.

CMHC Presentation

City of Hamilton PowerPoint

Showing Time Tips

Ever wondered how to, in ShowingTime ….

  1. Remove listings that are no longer active from my list?

All listings are automatically archived after 14 days off market. However, it’s very easy to manually archive a listing: navigate to the listing you wish to remove under the My Listings menu on your desktop and select the Archive button on the listing worksheet’s side menu.

  1. Set up showing notifications to avoid duplicate e-mails?

If your listing is set up for appointments that require confirmation, you have an option to receive an initial request and an FYI for the confirmation. Based on your specific case, if you plan to confirm appointments, you can skip the FYIs.

Additionally, even though there are multiple channels to receive appointment notifications (e-mail, SMS, phone calls), select only the one you are most likely to check – that way, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Community Open Forum

Hamilton Community Open Forum: Update on Latest Initiatives

The upcoming Hamilton Community Open Forum will feature the latest updates on initiatives undertaken by the City of Hamilton. Glen Norton, Judy Lam and Norm Schleehahn from the Hamilton Economic Development Division will present the updates.

Hamilton Community Open Forum
Date:    Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Time: 9:30 a.m. check in, 10 a.m. start
Place:  The Waterfront Banquet and Conference Centre (Waterview Room)
555 Bay St. N., Hamilton, L8L 1H1

New ShowingTime Feature – Accompanied Showings

As of Wednesday, September 12, ShowingTime has added a new feature called Accompanied Showings.

This feature allows you to indicate that, for your listing, you (the listing salesperson/broker) must be present for any showings.  Also, if you give your client the ability to approve or reject showing requests, you will see the request before it goes to your client.  If the showing does not fit into your schedule, you will be able to reject it, and your client will not be made aware of the request.

You can configure this new feature on each of your listings by toggling Is this an agent accompanied showing?

Other benefits of this feature include:

  • Approval by the listing salesperson/broker will be tracked
  • While sellers or occupants are required for accompanied showings, the order of calls is clearly identified on the listing worksheet.

Configuring Contacts for Listing Agent Accompanied Showings

As a listing salesperson or broker who typically accompanies the showing salesperson/broker on all appointments, you may want to see an appointment request before your sellers do, to make sure it works with your schedule. Or, you may want to allow a seller to approve an appointment before the occupant sees the request. You can configure the listing for both of these situations.

Step 1: Initial approval from listing salesperson/broker
These contacts will be notified of the appointment request before the final confirmation contacts. If the request is not approved by these contacts, the final confirmation contacts will not be notified of the request.

Step 2: Final confirmation from owner/occupant
These contacts will be able to give final confirmation on appointment requests after it has been approved by the initial contacts.

You can also choose to set this preference for the initial contact for showing requests and final confirmation while creating or editing the seller’s contact information.

Scheduling on Behalf of Another Agent

As a listing salesperson or broker scheduling on behalf of showing salesperson or broker on your listing, you can select Approved or Approved and Confirmed for the appointment status. If you choose to Approve only, your seller or occupant will have the chance to confirm or decline the appointment request.

Appointment Details for Listing Agent Accompanied Showings
The Appointment Details screen will indicate that an approval email is sent to the appropriate party.

You can click the Approve & Confirm button to automatically approve the appointment and confirm it for the owners or occupants.

Accompanied Showings on Mobile
Scheduling and approving showings works the same way on mobile:
From the Listing page in the app, you can toggle the setting for Is this a listing agent accompanied showing?

You can choose who receives the Initial Approval and Final Confirmation.

You are also able to change the contact order and choose notification methods.

Approve & Confirm Appointment

From the ShowingTime App

Step 1
From the app, choose Showings On My Listings, locate the showing and choose Approve and Confirm.

Step 2
Verify any notes and/or access details and click Approve & Confirm Appt.

Step 3
The appointment is now confirmed. The showing salesperson/broker will receive the relevant information.


Step 1
From the app, choose Showings On My Listings, locate the showing and choose Approve.

Step 2
Verify any notes and/or access details and click Approve Appointment.

Step 3
The Seller or other Final Confirmation contact will be able to approve or deny the showing.

Proposing New Times

Life is hectic and schedules will inevitably change, resulting in an appointments that need to be changed or declined.

Declining an appointment altogether can lengthen the process of selling a home and may frustrate the buyer. However, moving the appointment back by 30 minutes or later in the day can benefit the seller and perhaps be a better time for the buyer. From the Appointment Details screen, you are able to ConfirmCancel, and Propose a New Time.

From the Desktop

Step 1
Open the Requested Appointment dialogue and click on the Propose New Time button.

Step 2
Enter any comments for the suggested new time and choose to cancel or keep the existing appointment.

Step 3

Should you choose to keep the original time, you will see the information above.

Step 4
The appointment will Show as Requested – New Time Proposed. The showing agent will see your comments and choose the next steps.

From the ShowingTime App

Step 1
Choose On My Listings from the menu.

Step 2
Select the appointment.

Step 3
Select Propose New Time.

Step 4
Suggest the new time and choose either Keep the Original Appointment, or Decline the Appointment.

Step 5
You will be notified that the appointment is approved, but confirmation is still needed. The showing agent will need to choose which actions to take next.

New Enhancements to OpenHouses.ca!

RAHB is pleased to announce the following enhancements being made to OpenHouses.ca effective Wednesday, September 26:

  • All active listings will be displayed on OpenHouses.ca
  • User account creation, which will allow users (members of the public) to receive notifications of upcoming open houses and give you access to analytics/demographic data related to your listings
  • Favourites section has been updated to show more listings on your screen

These updates have been made to enhance user experience, and to provide you with an additional analytics tool to better understand the local market.

Below are the details of the enhancements:

All Active Listings Displayed on OpenHouses.ca

Previously, OpenHouses.ca displayed only listings with scheduled public open houses.  As open houses are typically held only on weekends, they frequently would not be entered into the system until late in the week.  Often, the site would not display updated content until close to the weekend and so users may not see value in visiting OpenHouses.ca for much of the week.  Adding all listings to OpenHouses.ca changes this.  With all active listings displayed, OpenHouses.ca will always have updated content, and you will benefit from increased visibility of your listings.

Listings with scheduled open houses are differentiated from listings without, and are given priority.

User Account Creation/Open House Notifications

Users of the site will be able to create an OpenHouses.ca account using their Google, Facebook or Twitter account.  With an OpenHouses.ca account, the user will receive notifications of any upcoming open houses on listings they have saved as favourites.  Public users will be able to access and update their notification security settings on an individualized basis.

Analytics/Demographic Data

Every week, OpenHouses.ca will e-mail you a report detailing information regarding users who have saved your listing as a favourite, as well as general performance of your listings on the site.

Below is what will show up in your inbox:

When you click though to the full report, below is what you will see:

Favourites Section Updated

The Favourites section of OpenHouses.ca will be updated to show more listings on your screen.  Favourites will be sorted so listings with upcoming open houses will take priority at the top of the list.  Users will be able to generate driving directions, based on their favourite listings. Directions are plotted on a map, and show the quickest route from one destination to another.

This is how the Favourites section currently appears:

This is how the Favourites section will appear after the update:

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 905.667.4650 or support@rahb.ca.

Webinar: New Member Portal

Learn more about the new RAHB Member Portal – join our webinar on Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 10 a.m.!
Register by clicking here. Once you have registered, you will receive an e-mail confirming your attendance and information about how to join the webinar.
For more information, contact Eric Meek at 905.529.8101 x241 or at ericm@rahb.ca.