RAHB is pleased to announce the following enhancements being made to OpenHouses.ca effective Wednesday, September 26:

  • All active listings will be displayed on OpenHouses.ca
  • User account creation, which will allow users (members of the public) to receive notifications of upcoming open houses and give you access to analytics/demographic data related to your listings
  • Favourites section has been updated to show more listings on your screen

These updates have been made to enhance user experience, and to provide you with an additional analytics tool to better understand the local market.

Below are the details of the enhancements:

All Active Listings Displayed on OpenHouses.ca

Previously, OpenHouses.ca displayed only listings with scheduled public open houses.  As open houses are typically held only on weekends, they frequently would not be entered into the system until late in the week.  Often, the site would not display updated content until close to the weekend and so users may not see value in visiting OpenHouses.ca for much of the week.  Adding all listings to OpenHouses.ca changes this.  With all active listings displayed, OpenHouses.ca will always have updated content, and you will benefit from increased visibility of your listings.

Listings with scheduled open houses are differentiated from listings without, and are given priority.

User Account Creation/Open House Notifications

Users of the site will be able to create an OpenHouses.ca account using their Google, Facebook or Twitter account.  With an OpenHouses.ca account, the user will receive notifications of any upcoming open houses on listings they have saved as favourites.  Public users will be able to access and update their notification security settings on an individualized basis.

Analytics/Demographic Data

Every week, OpenHouses.ca will e-mail you a report detailing information regarding users who have saved your listing as a favourite, as well as general performance of your listings on the site.

Below is what will show up in your inbox:

When you click though to the full report, below is what you will see:

Favourites Section Updated

The Favourites section of OpenHouses.ca will be updated to show more listings on your screen.  Favourites will be sorted so listings with upcoming open houses will take priority at the top of the list.  Users will be able to generate driving directions, based on their favourite listings. Directions are plotted on a map, and show the quickest route from one destination to another.

This is how the Favourites section currently appears:

This is how the Favourites section will appear after the update:

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 905.667.4650 or support@rahb.ca.