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ShowingTime, the showing management system, is now LIVE in RAHB Matrix! Have you read and watched our ShowingTime training resources yet? In addition to the training resource archive, we have also put together some FAQs from our ShowingTime webinars below.

If you have any additional questions not covered in our ShowingTime training materials, please e-mail or call 905.529.8101 ext. 241.

ShowingTime Training Webinar Recording


ShowingTime Training Webinar Questions

If you enter your Buyer’s name in the ShowingTime “optional field” is it visible to the listing REALTOR® or just for your own records?

A: The buyer’s name in the “optional field” won’t be visible to the listing REALTOR®. This would be for your reference only to track your buyer’s activity (e.g. buyer tours you created, which properties you’ve shown them, etc.).


hat happens if you don’t answer the ShowingTime automated call?

f you are unable to answer the ShowingVoice call, the system will leave an automated voicemail message with a call back number so you can confirm or decline the appointment.


Can you overlap showing times?

ou can overlap your appointments in ShowingTime using the “Appointment Calendar”. If the time slot you clicked on has another appointment scheduled, clicking on it will open up some options for you to overlap your appointments or cancel your previous appointment.


Will we still be able to book a showing by calling brokerages or will we only be able to book through ShowingTime going forward?

 they would like to accept showing requests.


Can you sync the ShowingTime calendar to your personal calendar (i.e., Outlook)?

es. In your ShowingTime “Agent Profile” there is a “Calendar Sync” button under your photo that will provide options for you to sync your ShowingTime appointments with your personal calendar.


If we are using Matrix for Mobile, are we still able to click multiple listings to add to cart? Will this open our app on our phones, or bring us to ShowingTime in a web browser?

n order to set up ShowingCart tours, you’ll need to be on your desktop for Matrix or the desktop version of the site on your mobile device.


hat happens if a listing doesn’t use ShowingTime?

f a listing doesn’t use ShowingTime, you will see a note letting you know the listing is not accepting online appointments. You can still add it to “ShowingCart” to help plan your buyer tour, but you’ll need to view the detail report in Matrix and follow the scheduling instructions entered by the listing REALTOR® there.


When using ShowingTime’s “SmartRoute”, how does the system know if we want to start at the office?

hen setting up your buyer tour, whatever you set as the first stop will be your number one stop. So if you want to keep your office as your first stop when using “SmartRoute”, you will just need to set it to your number one stop.


What happens when an appointment is declined and you have to reschedule?

he listing REALTOR® has the ability to propose a new time or give you instructions when to request a new appointment. You can then request a new time, or change the time based on the listing REALTOR’s® notes.


ow can I change an appointment in ShowingTime?

ou can  go into ShowingTime and click the “I Have Requested” button under the “Showings” tab. From there you can propose new times, or cancel your existing appointments.


Q: Is there an option to have office staff book showings during office hours or do appointment requests have to go through REALTORS® only?

ShowingTime is a REALTOR®-to-REALTOR® scheduling tool, but if you have front desk managing appointments for your office’s listings, you can add their email address in the “Office Setup” tab from the side menu (visible to office users such as a broker or record) to be copied on appointment request notifications.