Have you noticed the new field called Offer Instructions on RAHB’s new residential and commercial Property Information Forms?

The Offer Instructions field is a free form text field you can use to specify special instructions regarding the submission of offers. Instructions might include things like “Form 244 on file”, “Agreement to be prepared on builder forms”, “email offers to xxxx@xxxx.ca” or the schedules to be attached to an offer.  The field will accommodate 170 characters.

When completed, this information will show up on the REALTOR® Full with Signature Report and both the original REALTOR® Full and the NEW REALTOR® Full reports. The information in this field will not be shown on Client displays.

Please note that you may NOT use this field for instructions for “no offers until…”. Continue to use OREA Form 244 Seller’s Direction re Property/Offers for that purpose and disclose all particulars of your seller’s direction in the REALTOR® Remarks field of the listing.

Please ensure your administrative staff is also aware of how to use the Offer Instructions field for your listings.