Did you know that ShowingTime, the showing appointments request system, will be integrated into RAHB Matrix on Wednesday, March 7, 2018? If you’ve never used ShowingTime before, don’t worry – you can register for one of our three FREE training webinars on March 6, 7 and 8, 2018.

In the meantime, we have compiled some frequently asked questions about the ShowingCart tool and ShowingTime Listing basics below:

What is ShowingCart?

ShowingCart is a way to schedule multiple showings all in one place in ShowingTime. Once you have selected the showings you want to schedule, the map will allow you to see where the listings you selected are located so you can create the best possible route for your buyer. In addition, you can see all of the confirmed requests in one place and send directions as well. There will be two ways to schedule showings using ShowingCart: through the RAHB Matrix system or through the ShowingTime mobile app. To learn more, watch the ShowingCart video tutorial here.


What kind of attachments can I add to my listing?

You can add any disclosures or forms that need to be shared with a showing REALTOR®. ShowingTime accepts .PDF, .JPG, .GIF, or .PNG file uploads only (20MB max).


When should I merge a listing?

If a property is re-listed or comes back on the market you may have two in your inventory. You may also have a duplicate listing if you are a member of more than one Association. Merging the listings will keep all the history and future showings together.


How does ShowingTime save space in my “REALTOR® Remarks”?

Showing instructions such as “please close all blinds” or “please leave card” are often included in the “REALTOR® Remarks” section of listings. ShowingTime frees up that space by having some pre-defined notations that will display while in the ShowingTime appointments screen. Some examples of what instructions are available are listed below:

ShowingTime General Remarks

Do I have to use ShowingTime for my listings?

We certainly encourage you to use ShowingTime, but ultimately, choosing to use ShowingTime is up to you.


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