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ShowingTime, the showing request system, will be integrated into the RAHB Matrix system on Wednesday, March 7, 2018, and your sellers may have some questions regarding how the software works.

First, we recommend that you download and print the Seller’s Guide to ShowingTime Handout for your clients so they fully understand ShowingTime.

Second, we recommend that you register for one of our three training webinars on March 6, 7 and 8, 2018.

Third, we recommend that you keep the following FAQs on-hand so you are prepared for any follow-up questions your sellers may have:


As a seller, will I be notified when a ShowingTime showing is scheduled?

Yes, you can receive email notifications so you know when an appointment is scheduled. Appointments fall into two categories:

Go & Show – this is when no appointment is required and a showing request can be immediately confirmed.

Appointment Required – this is when a confirmation must be obtained from you as the seller, your tenant and/or Listing REALTOR® before a showing may occur.

In both cases, you may choose to receive notifications.


Why is more than one REALTOR® showing my home at a time?

Your Listing REALTOR® can set up appointments to be “exclusive” or “overlapping”. An exclusive showing will allow only one REALTOR® and buyer in your home at a specified time. Overlapping showings will allow more than one REALTOR® and buyer to view your property at the same time.


Can I share showing appointments with a family member?

Yes, your Listing REALTOR® can add multiple people to your property information in ShowingTime so your family members can receive notifications for upcoming showings. An additional setting can also allow one or more family member to have the ability to confirm or decline showings.


What if I don’t want showings at a certain time?

ShowingTime allows REALTORS® to create appointment restrictions for specific days and times. This is known as “Setting an Appointment Rule”, which is anything that will change the normal outcome for confirming showings based on preferences set in the listing’s instructions.


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