Do you find yourself with questions about Matrix, and you want to find the answer yourself?

Here are two ways you can find information:

1.Use the video tutorials, read the Q&As and .pdf tutorials and all RAHB Matrix updates at

2. Use the Help tab at the top of your Matrix home page. When you click on Help, you will see links to Matrix training guides and tutorials, and to helps on specific topics such as using the Speed Bar, emailing, etc.:

Help Index

 Where did they go?

Have you been searching within Matrix for the link to GeoWarehouse or Financial Calculators? Hover on the Tools tab at the top of your Matrix home page to find links to these sites:

  • Member Account/Education Services
  • RAHB Neighbourhood Map
  • CREA Dashboard
  • Financial Calculators
  • GeoWarehouse
  • REALTOR Link®
  • WEBForms®