When you enter a listing, be sure to list bathrooms separately, using the bathroom code, instead of including them as room features, such as a master en suite.


Bathrooms must be listed separately as rooms so Matrix can find the bathroom code to use in its automatic calculation of number of baths.

This is important because when others are searching for listings and include number of baths in their search criteria, your listing may be missed because Matrix couldn’t find all the bathrooms you included in your description. Your listing with three full baths and a half-bath may appear to have only two baths and a half-bath if you included one of the baths in a room description.

If you have called a room a bathroom but do not indicate the number of pieces, that bathroom will also be excluded from the total count. Listings with a total such as Bathrooms 1 (0 + 1) could in reality have three full baths and one half bath and again would not be included in search results looking for three or more bathrooms.

If you have any active listings where the bathrooms do not display properly, we suggest you edit the listings as soon as possible. View the video below to learn how.