As was communicated earlier this week by RAHB, as of Friday, September 18, 2020, MPAC is enforcing their Terms and Conditions of Use. This affects square footage data within the MPAC propertyline™ reports available through GeoWarehouse. This is not a new rule or change by MPAC – this has always been within their Terms and Conditions of Use; however, they are now enforcing it.


On Thursday, September 17, RAHB met with members of ITSO (formerly ORTIS/OC) and OREA to discuss the issue. All three groups are in agreement that ranges were not ideal representations of the data because they do not represent accurate and validated data. It was also agreed that MPAC’s information regarding square footage should not be relied upon as accurate data for that field – it should only be used as a tool to provide a reference point to assist in validation of the correct information.


Mandatory square footage remains in effect; however, RAHB no longer displays or allows the choice of “Public Records” (i.e. MPAC) as a square footage source. This decision was made based on research conducted by RAHB, ITSO and OREA.


Independently obtaining and verifying the accuracy of measurement for your listing:



In addition, it follows CREA’s REALTOR® Code, Article 4 – A REALTOR® has an obligation to discover facts pertaining to a property which a prudent REALTOR® would discover in order to avoid error or misrepresentation.


To help RAHB members comply with enforcement, below is a list of third-party vendors who measure/provide square footage. Please note that RAHB does not endorse or recommend the below vendors – this is a resource list for members to research.



RAHB members can also conduct the measurements themselves and use builder floor plans.


All measurements need to be accurate and defensible.


RAHB will continue to work in collaboration with ITSO and OREA to research the matter for additional options and solutions. RAHB will inform and update members as the situation changes.


If you have any questions, please contact the MLS® Help Desk at


Teranet provided an FAQ, which could be helpful during this time. To access the FAQ, please click the below button.