*UPDATE for September 16, 2020*

As was communicated by RAHB earlier this week, MPAC has implemented changes which will be effective Friday, September 18, to the MPAC propertyline™ reports available through the GeoWarehouse. These changes affect square footage data within these forms.

RAHB is currently researching this matter and will be meeting with the ORTIS square footage task force to discuss the issue further on Thursday of this week.
We will continue to inform and update members as the situation changes.

If you have any questions, please contact the MLS® Help Desk at support@rahb.ca.

To review the details that were posted for members on Monday, September 14, please see below.


MPAC has implemented the following changes, which will be effective Friday, September 18 to the following MPACpropertyline™ reports available through the GeoWarehouse store:

  • A NEW Residential Floor Area Range Report ($4) will replace the existing Residential Floor Area Report ($5)
  • A NEW Residential Detailed Level 2 Report (displaying floor area ranges) will replace the existing Residential Detailed Level 2 report

The changes affect the new Detailed Level 2 reports and new Residential Floor Area reports, which will be available for purchase through GeoWarehouse. Please note, this does not affect any of the data available inside GeoWarehouse that members currently see without transactional purchase.

Both of the reports will now only provide a square footage range, rather than provide the total square footage. If you are purchasing these reports to obtain the total square footage, you will not receive that specific data anymore – only a range.

On the RAHB listing forms, members must enter the total square footage, so these reports will not be able to be used for that data moving forward. You are reminded that you may use the following options to obtain the total square footage data as follows:

  • Builder Floor Plans
  • 3rd Party Measuring Service
  • Measuring yourself (LBO) provided

For the official communication (PDF) from Teranet that outlines the details of the changes, please click the button below.

PDF of communication

For two sample transactional reports, which members can opt to purchase inside the GeoWarehouseEStore, please click the buttons below.

PDF of sample Residential Floor Area Range Report

PDF of sample Residential Detailed Report Level2 Range