Want to know how to print a single page report in RAHB Matrix? Follow the steps below. Please note, this solution currently only works with the Google Chrome internet browser. 


Single Page Report Instructions (Google Chrome)

  1. In RAHB Matrix, open a listing in REALTOR® Full.
  2. Choose Print at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose which report you would like to print – the best reports for single-pages are the REALTOR® Full Listing or Client.
  4. To ensure all of the information fits on one page, do not select Print REALTOR® header & footer.
  5. Click the Print button at the bottom of this screen.
  6. In the Print dialog box, click on   More Settings.
  7. In the Scale selection box, set to 75%.
  8. Scroll down the page preview on the right to see check that all of the data fit on one page. If not, set the scale to a slightly lower percentage, such as 70%.
  9. Under Options, deselect Headers and Footers and Background Graphics.
  10. Click the Print button at the top of the page.


Please note that the information entered in fields such as REALTOR® Remarks and Client Remarks will ultimately determine the length of the page of each listing.