On March 5, the City of Burlington approved an Interim Control Bylaw (ICBL) for development within areas of downtown and around the Burlington GO station. To read the Bylaw passed on March 5, please click the below button:

Burlington Interim Control Bylaw

UPDATE – On April 25, the City of Burlington passed an amendment to the Control Bylaw that includes several exemptions.

Exemptions from the ICBL can be allowed in the study area (areas in the downtown and around the Burlington GO station) if your planned construction, alteration or expansion includes:

  • a zoning clearance certificate and/or building permit for a deck, pool, patio, fence, porch, accessory building or structure, temporary building or structure, or interior renovation to an existing building;
  • a site plan application that is currently in process or approved on the date of the passage of the ICBL (March 5) – those include:
    • 374-380 Martha St.;
    • 490-492 Brock Ave/1298 Ontario St;
    • 421 Brant St;
    • 442 Pearl St;
    • 471 Pearl St.;
    • 2030 Caroline St/510 Elizabeth St/2025 Maria St; and
    • 2092 Old Lakeshore Rd.
    • The Director of City of Building indicated during the April 2 P&D Committee Meeting that there were no other site plans in process or approved prior to March 5 that qualify for an exemption;
  • A Committee of Adjustment application under Sec. 45(1) of the Planning Act that includes any of the criteria identified in the first point.

The City of Burlington has confirmed with RAHB that the Interim Control Bylaw still applies to the construction of new homes and additions to existing homes.

To read the complete exemption report, please click the below button:

Interim Control Bylaw – Exemptions

We will continue to notify members of any changes to this bylaw, and will be advocating for the City of Burlington to lift the Interim Control Bylaw.