April 27, 2016

By now you’ll have heard that RAHB is participating in the development of a regional MLS® system and “shift”ing to a new MLS® platform – Matrix. To help you prepare for The Shift, we will be emailing regular updates with news, training information, links to helpful website and more. Watch your email inbox for future issues of The Shift!



Three more associations cut over to Matrix

(reprinted from notice to all members, via email, April 14, 2016)

RAHB has been notified that the Brantford Regional Real Estate Association (BRREA), Simcoe District Real Estate Board (SDREB) and Niagara Association of REALTORS® (NAR) are planning to go fully-live on Matrix on May 10, and will stop using Fusion at that time.  Those organizations have decided to do this prior to RAHB fully cutting over.  RAHB will support those organizations during the cutover process so any impact to our and their members is minimal.

Just a reminder, as communicated in the March 15 edition of The Shift, all RAHB members should use Matrix for all searches since Matrix contains all listings within the regional area, and after May 10 will also include BRREA, SDREB and NAR listings.  (Note:  After May 10, Brantford, Niagara and Simcoe listings will not be added to nor displayed in Fusion – they will appear only in Matrix.)

To access Matrix, visit or click the link from your SSO dashboard. Just remember – even though you can access Matrix through your dashboard, you will still have to sign in with your Matrix user ID and password.  Your Matrix user ID is the same as your Fusion user ID with “HB” at the beginning.

RAHB will not cut over to Matrix until sometime after the spring market, as explained at last month’s AGM.  Until that time, please continue using Fusion to input and edit listings.  Please note that Fusion listings are automatically uploaded to Matrix every 15 minutes.


Getting to know Matrix

Did you know…?

In Matrix, the “Sold” status is broken down into two separate statuses:  “Sold Pending” and “Sold Closed”.

Sold Pending – a firm sale that has not closed yet
Sold Closed – a firm sale that has closed

The sold status makes a difference when you are emailing client displays from Matrix:
If the status is “Sold Closed”, the sale information will be displayed
If the status is “Sold Pending”, the sale information will not display


“X” doesn’t always mark the spot

When your listings are submitted to Fusion and uploaded to Matrix, the listing number assigned by Fusion receives an “X” at the beginning of the number when it appears in Matrix.  So a listing H1234567 in Fusion becomes XH1234567 in Matrix.

When your clients view their listings sent from Matrix to their client portal they will see the MLS® numbers prefixed with the “X”.

If your clients are searching for their listing on, they will not be able to find it with the listing number beginning with “X”.  You should let them know that they can find their listing on by omitting the X from the beginning of the number.

(Note:  the “X” will appear only until RAHB cuts over to Matrix.)


Fill Your Cart! 

Matrix allows you to put aside listings for review at a later time.  When you are viewing a listing that you would like to review later for a client, or put aside for use as a comparable, click on “Carts” from the “Actions” menu located at the bottom of your screen.  You will then be given a list of carts that you can add the listing to.  You have one cart for each property type, and one for each client.

For the client carts, you can put aside listings that you feel your client may be interested in, but may fall outside of their search criteria.  At any time, you can open the client’s cart from your home page (or from the contacts list), and e-mail some (or all) of the listings in the cart.  The system will automatically keep track of when you emailed the listing to your client, and will display the date the listing was e-mailed beside the listing, or it will read “Never” if the listing has never been emailed.

For a video tutorial on using carts in Matrix, visit


Important links

Matrix Transition Guide
CoreLogic’s Matrix 6.12 Quick Start Guide
New Regional Residential Data Input Form
New Regional Commercial Data Input Form

** Remember – do not use the new Regional Data Input Forms until you are able to broker load in Matrix **

Please note: the development of the regional MLS® system is a work in progress. All information provided in the issue of The Shift is correct as of April 27, 2016.