Members are reminded that when they list a property located in the Niagara Association of REALTORS® jurisdiction, the square footage of the property is mandatory information and must be included on the listing, as per RAHB’s MLS® policies – Miscellaneous #22:

The following Joint MLS® Policy applies for both RAHB and the Niagara Association:

  1. When a member from either association places a listing which is located in the other association’s jurisdictional boundary, the member must adhere to that association’s rules and MLS® policies including all mandatory areas on the property information form (PIF). This means dependent on where the listing is located, all colour coded fields must be completed. Also other mandatory fields on the listing form which are coded … indicate, dependent on the association, what specific fields must be completed. Also any MLS® policies must be adhered to including the reporting of conditional and firm sales.