When you place a listing on RAHB’s MLS® System, the property must be available for showings immediately, as per RAHB rule Section 2 – 2.10 (i) and 2.14:

2.10 No Member shall Broker Load or submit an MLS® Listing that contravenes these Rules, the Bylaws of the Association or the code of ethics of RECO. The Association may, in its sole discretion, deem any such MLS® Listing to be invalid. The Association may either remove an MLS® Listing from the Association’s MLS® System or refuse to publish such MLS® Listing, and without limiting the generality of the other provisions contained in these Rules, a Listing shall not be accepted by the Association as an MLS® Listing:

 (i) if it excludes any Member(s) from showing or inspecting the property;

2.14 No MLS® Listing shall appear on the Association’s MLS® System that is not immediately available for inspections, showings and, subject to the provisions of Subsection 2.15, the registration of Offers.