Notice to Administrative Staff and Members
RAHB has four fax machines on-site, each in a designated area for specific departments.  Please note: documents need only be sent to one fax machine – duplicates do not speed up the process.

Reception:  905-529-9893
To be used for all cancellations, sales reports (firm, conditional and fallen through), suspensions, open house requests and cancellations. Also used for listings and all documents to be forwarded to other Boards for processing.

Main:  905-529-4349
To be used for all documents for Corporate Services, Government Relations/Communications, Technology and Member Products/Councils departments,  e.g. membership applications and updates, course registration forms, event registration and donation forms, account payment forms and election materials.

MLS® line:  905-529-6636
To be used for all listings to be processed on RAHB, all amendments/listing changes (to and from other Boards) and all audited listing paperwork.

Realty Shoppe:  905-529-7109
To be used for all Realty Shoppe product orders.