In October, RAHB’s Member Engagement Committee (MEC) hosted the final two 2018 RAHB Open Forums in Burlington and Hamilton.  In total, 107 members came out for a morning of information and networking.

MEC Chair Laura Doucette moderated the events which each included a presentation by local speakers, RAHB updates (with supporting hand-out materials), Q & A with RAHB CEO George O’Neill, and committee members highlighting their upcoming events.

The presentations were delivered by the Mobility Hubs Planning Team from the City of Burlington and the Economic Development Division from the City of Hamilton. The Hamilton Open Forum was recorded in its entirety and can be viewed on the RAHB member Facebook page.

The events were supported by sponsors Underwriters Alliance, The Personal Group, City of Hamilton, Ross & McBride LLP and Gail Sylvester Mortgages.

Burlington Presentation Hamilton Presentation