This just in!!  The GMM has been re-scheduled for

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Holiday Inn Burlington
3063 South Service Road

Watch for more details coming soon!

What’s happening at the GMM on June 24?

The General Membership Meeting has been called to present motions from the Board of Directors to the membership.  The motions affect the RAHB Bylaw and members’ approval is required.

What are the motions?
The first motion will recommend an amendment to the section of the Bylaw which requires that members ratify changes the Board of Directors make to the rules and regulations. This will effectively remove the MLS® Rules and Regulations from the RAHB Bylaw.

Members are being asked to approve this motion to achieve two goals:

  • to ensure RAHB is compliant with the terms of the Shared Services Agreement RAHB has signed with the other boards and associations participating in the Regional MLS® System; and
  • to continue in the work begun to streamline and improve the RAHB Bylaw to bring it closer to the document it should be.

2. The second motion recommends amending the Bylaw where references are made to rules and regulations. These are merely “housekeeping” amendments to keep the Bylaw consistent after the MLS® Rules and Regulations are no longer part of the Bylaw.

Watch for more information about these issues coming to you directly from RAHB President Donna Bacher and CEO Ross Godsoe.  They will offer further insights into the importance of your support when these amendments are presented for approval at the GMM.

Want to know more in the mean time?  Read You Asked? for answers to questions RAHB members have asked about removing the Rules and Regulations from the Bylaw, as well as questions about the Regional MLS® System. (REALTOR Link® > MLS® > You Asked?)