CREA is aware and investigating reports of a phishing email campaign targeting members of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).

The subject line of this fraudulent email is “Violation of Crea code of conduct” and it appears to be sent from The email states, “We hereby inform you that you have violated CREA standard code of conducts. The facts of the case before you are in the documents attached in the email.”

The email also has a zip attachment, which seems to be infected.

If you receive a similar email, please do not click on any links, open any attachments or reply to the message. Delete the email immediately. It was not sent from CREA staff.

While CREA continues to take steps to help mitigate and investigate different fraudulent activities, unfortunately, fraudulent emails remain rampant in many industries. As always, please be vigilant when opening emails. CREA recommends that you:

–    Delete unsolicited emails.
–    Hover over a link to confirm its legitimacy before you click to see where the email is coming from.
–    Do not open attachments from an account you don’t know.

If you have received a phishing email, please contact Member Support at