OREA ads see impressive results

Have you seen OREA’s “REALTORS® – we do the homework” commercials and billboards?

The advertising campaign, launched in late 2013, also featured social media and a consumer website, www.wedothehomework.ca and has been shown to have had a positive effect for REALTORS®.

According to surveys conducted on behalf of OREA:

  • Over one half of Ontario REALTORS® and one quarter of Ontario consumers saw either the billboards or TV ads
  • Among consumers who saw the ads, 84 per cent said they would be more likely to use a REALTOR® for their next real estate transaction (compared to 71 per cent who did not see the ads)

OREA will continue its REALTOR® Value campaign in 2014.


OREA survey:  home ownership important to Gen X and Y Ontarians

According to a survey conducted on behalf of the Ontario Real Estate Association, 77 per cent of Generation Y and 79 per cent of Generation X Ontarians say home ownership is important to them.  For the study, Generation X refers to those born between 1965 and 1980 and Generation Y to those born between 1981 and 1995.

The survey also determined that:

  • 82 per cent of Gen X and 76 per cent of Gen Y thinks it makes more sense to own a home than to rent over the long term
  • 82 per cent of Gen X and 73 per cent of Gen Y believe real estate is a good investment
  • The majority of both Gen X and Gen Y describe the economy as “good” now.
  • When looking ahead to the next 10 years, 48 per cent of Gen X and 50 per cent of Gen Y believe the provincial real estate market will be stronger

It appears that home ownership will continue to be important well into the future.