OREA Standard Forms – New and Revised Forms/Clauses for 2014

OREA recently released the Standard Forms summary detailing the new and revised forms for 2014.  All members and support staff are encouraged to review this document at http://www.orea.com/~/media/Files/Members/OREA-Standard-Forms/2014%20Standard%20Forms%20and%20Clauses%20-%20Summary%20of%20Changes.pdf.

It should be noted that OREA Form 200 “OREA Listing Agreement” has not been changed. Members may continue to use OREA’s Listing Agreement dated 2013 until their current stock is depleted and then begin using the OREA listing agreement dated 2014.  Since there are no changes, there will not be a cut-off date when members must begin using the 2014 agreements.

The updated forms are scheduled to be available in the Members Only Section at www.orea.com, on WebForms™ and in the Realty Shoppe by early January.