If you list and sell properties in the Rockton/Highway 8/Cooper Road, Cambridge area, you should be aware that there is a privately-owned airport on Cooper Road from which the SOSA Gliding Club operates.

The club has three tow planes flying out of the airport daily, year-round, to take gliders to a safe altitude. Because take-off is dictated by wind conditions, flight patterns change daily. All flights are in accordance with Transport Canada regulations as well as in compliance with municipal and provincial regulations.

Why is this important?

If you have buyers who are interested in this area, they should know there may be small planes flying over their properties, and those small planes may be noisy.

If you or your buyers have concerns about the flights or the noise, the SOSA Gliding Club has offered to work with you, at no cost to you, to provide overflight data, flight directions and flight frequency, so there are no surprises for the buyers. The club’s experience is that when buyers know what to expect, they have no issue with the flights or the club.

To get in touch with a representative of the SOSA Gliding Club, contact John Brennan at the SOSA Gliding Club, Box 81, Rockton, ON LOR 1XO or call the club at 519.740.9328.