I know you are all waiting to hear when RAHB will be going live with our new Matrix MLS® System, and I’m pleased to tell you that we are still on track to cut over to Matrix before the spring market, 2017. RAHB’s Directors and staff have been working diligently over the past several months to deliver this new system.

As you read in this column last month, there have been a few unexpected developments along the way, the most surprising of which came in a letter from ORTIS in late December, just before the holiday. At that time, ORTIS had not committed to listing sharing with RAHB. Since then, however, RAHB and ORTIS have come to an agreement to share listings and are looking to put in place a contract, hopefully to be signed before the end of February, 2017.

RAHB has been very clear about our desire to share listing information on a go-forward basis and about our strong belief that members of all boards and associations are best served by doing so. It’s not just our members who benefit from shared data; all REALTORS® in the regional area benefit from access to a wider pool of listing information. The internet has made information available to all, and your clients and customers expect that you will have the same access to listing information across southern Ontario.

We have said all along that RAHB will share listing data with any board or association on a reciprocal basis. We continue to work to achieve the goal of sharing listings with our neighbours. The more information you have, the better you can serve your clients and customers. And isn’t that ultimately what an MLS® System is all about – co-operatively sharing listing information among REALTORS®?

RAHB will continue to lead the charge to bring the best, most complete compilation of listings for the benefit of everyone.


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Best regards,

George O’Neill