by CEO George O’Neill

The U.S. election is big news right now, and the focus is on which candidate is the right one for the job.

The RAHB election might not be on as grand a scale as the U.S. election, but it’s equally important for RAHB members.  The question is the same – which candidates are the right ones for the job as Director of the 2017 Board of Directors?

What makes a good director?  If you have been reading the information being sent out over the past few weeks, you will have seen references to desirable qualities in a director – an experienced REALTOR®, business acumen, strategic thinker, good listener, and so on.

The RAHB Board needs directors with varied and diverse skills and experience.  No one director will possess all the desirable qualities we’ve been talking about, but every director should have some of the qualities.  Why?  Because it takes lots of different viewpoints and life experiences to create a strong, effective Board that can make great decisions for the Association and all members.

Do you know a RAHB member who possesses great qualities that would be put to good use on the Board?  Or do you think you’d be a good Director?  Now is the time to nominate members – or have another member nominate you – to stand for election to the RAHB Board of Directors.  Then on November 30 it will be up to RAHB members to decide which candidates are right for the job of Director.

Nominations open on October 5.  Watch for information about the nomination process, and make sure you think about members who would serve well as a RAHB Director.

* * * * *

October is also the month for Professional Development Days and I’m pleased to report that this popular week of education has been a hit with 350 members registered to attend – selling out the week again!

Best regards,