When you broker load your listing on MLXchange or Fusion, it is important to remember to properly map your listing.

Improperly mapping the property leads to several problems:

  1. Prospector searches using the Map Search end up with properties that fall outside of their search criteria, which results in the wrong properties being sent to clients; and
  2. Properties not mapped correctly show incorrect driving instructions.

MLXchange uses Microsoft Virtual Earth to map our listings.  Microsoft uses the postal code field to map properties which is why the postal code field is a mandatory field on our listing form.

After you input your listing but before you submit it, please view the map to ensure the pin is in the correct place; even using the proper postal code does not guarantee the pin will be in exactly the right spot, as the post code is only an approximate location.  If the pin is incorrectly placed, please adjust the pin as necessary.

This one simple step will ensure your listing is shown in the right place and will make it easier for other members to find it.

Should you have any questions on mapping your property in MLXchange, please contact the MLS® department for further clarification 905.667.4650.