Available at the Realty Shoppe: Master Lock lockboxes, with weather covers to protect from rain and snow!

Master Lock Push Button Lockbox: $41.55

Master Lock Dial Lockbox: $36.05Realty Shoppe Lockboxes 2

Master Lock Light-Up Dial Lockbox (NEW!): $48.60Realty Shoppe Lockboxes 3


Remember to use your lockboxes properly!

Lockboxes are an important tool for your business – be sure to use them properly. When leaving a location where you have used the lockbox, ensure the lockbox is actually locked again. For a dial lockbox, this means spinning the dial once it is shut, and for the pushbutton style, re-keying the number combination to close it.

Never give out a combination to someone who is not known to you to be a salesperson, particularly when you receive a request for the combination via cell phone. If you are uncertain, call the salesperson back at their office for confirmation.

As well, you are reminded that RAHB’s Rules and Regulations Section 2 – MLS® Listings, Sub-section 2.17 has this to say about using lockboxes on your listed properties:

Members shall ensure that lock boxes installed on each of their listings are set with a unique code for the security of their Seller’s property. Further, members shall change the lock box combinations, as required during the course of the listing to maintain reasonable security, and not use any preset manufacturer’s code.

As well, RAHB MLS® Policy Miscellaneous, #16 describes a fine for misusing lockboxes:

Any member found to be in breach of Rules and Regulations, Section 2 – MLS® Listings sub-section 2.17 (lock box code) will be fined $50 for the first offence, and $200 for the second and any subsequent offence.

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