Smart leads

2016 was a busy year for with over 240 million visitor sessions and over 300,000 accounts created. This means REALTORS® were sent over 1.9 million email leads throughout the year.

Since February, of this year, has been making sure you get the most out of your leads with the launch of smart leads. These emails, which are generated when a visitor to your listings or profile sends you a lead, will provide you with more information than ever before. smart leads give you more insight into your leads with the addition of the following information:

  • Real estate persona: Are they a first time buyer, residential investor, repeat buyer?
  • Where they are from: Is your lead local, from out of town or even international?
  • Do they have representation: Want to know if they are already working with a REALTOR®? Find out before you even talk to them. smart leads provide additional information to help you build stronger, smarter connections with potential clients.

If you have any questions please contact CREA Member Support.

Note: Users have the option to choose to not share certain types of information when sending an email to a REALTOR®.