On February 27, the City of Burlington released that the Interim Control Bylaw (ICBL – also known as the “Downtown Development Freeze”) will remain in effect and will not end on March 5, as was previous reported by the City of Burlington. This is due to appeals filed with the City Clerk.

The City of Burlington received 31 appeals for both Official Plan Amendment 119 and Zoning Bylaw Amendment 2020.418. To view the amendments provided on February 6, please click the buttons below:

The ICBL will remain in effect until the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) has issued a final decision on each appeal of Zoning By-law Amendment 2020.418.

The recommendations from the findings of the ICBL study include proposed amendments to Burlington’s current in-force-and-effect Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw. The staff recommendation report and proposed amendments can be viewed online at www.burlington.ca/icbl.

The City is also working closely with Halton Region to confirm with the Province the requirements and next steps for approval of changes to the Downtown Urban Growth Centre (UGC) and Major Transit Station Area (MTSA) designations. City Council has directed the Chief City Planner to report back in May 2020 with recommendations.

The City will share more information on the ICBL appeal process and timelines as they become available, as well as details about the nature of the appeals. Residents can stay up-to-date by visiting the City website at www.burlington.ca/en/services-for-you/interim-control-bylaw-icbl.asp.