It is important the information displayed in Matrix is accurate and correct. If you are viewing listing data and are concerned there may be inaccurate information being displayed, RAHB encourages all users to report any inaccuracies.

To facilitate this, there is a “Report Error” link available in Matrix on each REALTOR® Full display at the top of the page. This link, when selected, will open a window where the listing address and MLS® number is auto-populated. There will be a “Subject” drop down menu that you will be required to choose from.

Under the area labeled “Concern”, type in any data inaccuracies with the listing and click the “Submit” button. Any errors reported will remain confidential. MLS® staff follow up on all Report Errors that are submitted and any necessary changes to the listing data are made either by the Listing Salesperson/Brokerage or directly by MLS® staff. You can also choose to receive a copy of the report that you are sending.

Should you have any questions regarding the “Report Error” link, please call the MLS® HelpDesk at 905.667.4650.