Recently, RAHB has received complaints surrounding the field “Possession”; specifically the pick “Flexible” is not being used as intended.

The field “Possession” has several picks to choose from as follows:

  • Immediate
  • Flexible
  • 1-29 days
  • 30-59 days
  • 60-89 days
  • 90+days
  • Other

The word “Flexible” means to be ready and able to change to adapt to different circumstances, or able to be easily modified to respond to altered circumstances or conditions. If “Flexible” is chosen, be sure your Seller(s) are in fact “Flexible”, in that they can adapt to different possession scenarios; otherwise choose a more specific pick as listed above that will suit your Seller(s) scenario.

“Flexible” does not mean the following:

  • “We are looking for 90-120 days”
  • “For the right price, we may be able to be flexible”
  • “It’s a split up, one party wants a long closing, the other party wants a short closing, so we chose Flexible”

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the MLS Help Desk at 905.667.4650 or e-mail