Recently, RAHB has been receiving complaints through the “Report Data Errors” link in Matrix regarding comments in the remarks – specifically remarks stating the “Buyer or Buyer’s Agent to verify specific information” with regards to room measurements, taxes, legal description, etc. These statements do not release the listing REALTOR®  of any responsibility and accountability for the accuracy of any information contained in a MLS® listing.

The following is from RAHB’s MLS® Rules & Regulations:

Section 1 – MLS®, Sub-section 1.04 Responsibilities/ Penalties

(c)   (i)  The Listing Brokerage and the Listing  REALTOR® are responsible for the accuracy and correctness of an MLS® Listing and for submitting the Listing Agreement to the Association as requested. The Listing Brokerage and the Listing REALTOR® are required to ensure that all information in the MLS® Listing provided to the Association, including, but not limited to, the District/Neighbourhood Code, Address (street and municipality), Property Type and the Tax Roll Number, is accurate and correct. All listings shall comply with the REALTOR® Code, the Act, the Bylaws of the Association, these Rules, and any other rule or regulation or policy of the Association.

Below is a Registrar’s Bulletin dated March 17, 2015 by Joseph Richer, Registrar of the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) on this subject:

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