On September 19, 2018 a Broker of Record / Manager meeting was held at McMaster Innovation Park. With 33 people in attendance, there were several engaging and informative discussions that took place, and below is a summary of the topics discussed:


VOW / Competition Bureau Ruling with Respect to TREB
On August 23, 2018 the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed TREB’s application to appeal the Competition Tribunal’s ruling that TREB abused its dominant position. Real estate boards and associations that currently have a Virtual Office Website (VOW) data feed, or are considering implementing one (as RAHB currently is) are expected to follow the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada and the Competition Tribunal with respect to making “Disputed Data” available for members who wish to implement password protected virtual office websites.

RAHB informed the Brokers / Managers of the details of the case, provided a brief overview of the history, and discussions were had about RAHB actions moving forward. For information, please visit the RAHB Blog at https://blog.rahb.ca/?p=23240.


New RAHB Market Statistics Report
Brokers / Managers were presented with an overview of the new RAHB market statistics packages that will be officially launched on October 3 for the September data release. The new reports will have data broken down into the four main areas of RAHB – Burlington, Haldimand, Hamilton and Niagara North – and include CREA’s Home Price Index (HPI) data. A sample of this report will be sent to all members via e-mail prior to the official launch. Feedback on the new package is welcomed.


Discussions took place regarding Zillow beginning to enter the real estate market in Canada
, expected to be in 2019. The Directors are encouraging CREA to provide the appropriate resources to ensure Realtor.ca remains the dominant platform for REALTORS® in Canada.

A question raised was: What is CREA doing on behalf of its members to maintain/upgrade Realtor.ca? It was suggested that a town hall meeting with CREA and RAHB members take place to discuss the wants/needs of our members could be beneficial. RAHB is looking to make this happen and will inform members of any developments on this.


RAHB Education
Two areas of concern were identified for further investigation:

  • The process to determine and approve courses/speakers offered by RAHB.
  • The pricing model for RAHB education courses.

It was agreed that we want to maintain the highest quality of courses being offered to members. RAHB staff will investigate the above two priorities, and any changes or updates to RAHB education will be communicated to all members.


RAHB Service Awards
RAHB Services Awards Committee Chair, Bruce Moran, highlighted the three service awards available and encouraged members to nominate any qualified candidates. Nominations are currently open and forms can be found on the RAHB website at www.rahb.ca/project/rahb-service-awards/. Bruce also emphasized that nominations are judged on strict criteria, and so extensive details included within each nomination enhance a nominee’s probability of winning.


Professionalism and REALTOR® Reputation
An open discussion item was brought forth focusing on ensuring professionalism in real estate to enhance the reputation of REALTORS®. RAHB currently has a task force working on this specific issue, and as new items evolve they will be continually addressed.


Mandatory Membership within RAHB
The question was raised as to why a brokerage is mandated to hold a RAHB membership for its REALTORS® if the majority of the REALTORS® in that office do not conduct business within RAHB’s market/catchment. RAHB will investigate this rule further and determine its continued relevance.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above topics/discussions, please contact Carolyn in the RAHB office 905.529.8101 x236, or via e-mail at info@rahb.ca.