Obtaining Statistical Information In Fusion

RAHB members currently obtain their statistical information through SIM (Statistical Information Management) – available through MLXchange and Fusion or at sim.rahb.ca  – or by doing a search in MLXchange or Fusion.

Fusion1RAHB is happy to introduce Stats Pro, which offers an easier way to obtain the statistics you want.  Stats Pro will display your results in a professional manner and allow you to export the data into your own statistics program.

Obtaining statistical reports using Stats Pro is easy:

In the search window, choose the type of search you want (e.g. residential/condominium) and enter the criteria by which you want to

search.  For example, you may wish to do a search of homes in a particular area in a certain price range and produce the results as a “Price Ratios” statistical report or a “Day’s On Market” statistical report, etc.

Remember – your results depend on what search criteria are entered.

Once you have entered your criteria, the results will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen in the map view area, and will also show how many listings match your criteria in the top middle of the screen.

You can then click on the statistics icon in the top right hand corner.  A Summary Statistics report will appear and beside the summary report will be buttons where you can place the results, based on what type of report you want.


The example below is the “Market Analysis” report. The information appearing is this report is based on the specific search criteria entered previously. The resulting stats may still be manipulated with some reports by selecting “Market Trends By:  Week, Month, Quarter, Year etc.Fusion3

This information may also be exported by clicking on the “Export” icon located at the top left of the screen next to the printer icon. You can export data into an excel spreadsheet or into a PDF file.

If you have any questions about this great new program, please contact the MLS® support line 905.667.4650.


Fusion Transition Guide and How-to Guide

RAHB has compiled instructional material to help you explore and transition to Fusion.   This material has been created in two formats:  a visual transition guide and a step-by-step how-to guide.

RAHB will be offering an introductory course for Fusion at REALTOR® CONNECTIONS in March. This will be a credit course and a pre-cursor to more in-depth classes to be offered in place of the current MLXchange curriculum. Following REALTOR® CONNECTIONS, all regular MLXchange classroom education will be discontinued and replaced with Fusion classroom education.

Please go to the following internet URLs to view or download your copy of the Fusion Transition and How-to Guides:

Visual Transition Guide

How-to Guide


Duplicate Listings

RAHB MLS® staff have been receiving many calls regarding duplicate listings which have been broker loaded onto the MLS® system in error.  Duplicate listings can result from

  • Entering a second listing on an already-listed property;
  • The expiry date matching the commencement date (i.e. the listing expires same day as it commences); or
  • A firm sale falling through.

When you begin to enter a listing onto the MLS® system and there is currently an active listing at the same address, a message will appear and notify you there is already an active listing for this address, and its MLS® number.  If you receive this error message, DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR LISTING TO RECEIVE A MLS® NUMBER.  Doing so will create a duplicate listing, which carries a $50 fine as per RAHB’s MLS® policies.

Expiry Date Matches Commencement Date
This happens more than you would expect.  If the expiry dated entered is the same as the commencement date, the listing will automatically expire at midnight.  Once this error is recognized, many members/administrative staff proceed to enter the listing again – which creates a new record and MLS® number – and it becomes a duplicate listing.

If this happens, contact the MLS® department immediately and they will correct the listing for you. If this situation happens on a weekend, wait until the Monday morning to have it corrected.   If left uncorrected, this carries a $50 fine, as per our MLS® policies.

Firm Sale Has Fallen Through
Should the sale of your listing fall through after it has been reported as a firm sale (SOLD), send the MLS® number, address and notification the sale has fallen through to Amanda, amandag@rahb.ca.  Staff will remove the sold information completely from the database and your listing status will be changed back to active provided your expiry date has not been reached.

Should you require any other information on the above, please contact the MLS® department for assistance at 905.667.4650.