Fusion 5.8 Updates

The following features have been completed and will be delivered in the next update to Fusion, expected in the next month.

Inbox/Email – Members will be able to select personal default email templates to use when emailing a contact, emailing listings, emailing a CMA, and when emailing a link to their Contact Website.

Outlook Synchronization – Members will be able to sync their contacts, schedules and tasks (Windows Only – a Mac version will be available soon).  Download the sync tool from Schedule Manager (click Schedule tab, then Tools).

Contacts – Each header in the contact details screen such as Search Info, Saved Properties, etc.  is now clickable to expand/collapse the section.

Scheduler – Members will be able to print Appointments and Tasks from within Contact Manager’s Tasks and Appointments section.

CMA – Members will be able to manually enter a comparable, edit any listing’s comparable data or image and include buyer’s closing costs or seller’s net sheet.

Quick CMA – Has been improved to enhance the printed output so column headers are repeated on each page, rows do not split across pages and adequate margins are enforced.  Separate portrait-orientated and landscape versions of the report are provided as a PDF to the user.

Search Results – In Search Results when clicking on ML# it will open the Detail Report; clicking on the Address will open the Map View.  In both cases the user remains in the search results.

Search Details – A filter has been added to the details screen allowing the user to select which listings to display: Selected, Unselected or all records.

Printing Labels – Labels can now be printed for Contacts from either the results screen or the details screen.  Labels are printed as PDF format.

Listing Statistics – Listing activity counts have been added to the Add/Edit screen including: # Prospect Search Matches and Last Match Date, # of Emails Sent and Last Sent Date, # of Emails Read and Last Read Date, # Views on Integrated Agent Websites and Last View Date



The following updates for CONNECT are now in development.

Unified Search – will enable members to search all boards and associations at once for listings.

Email Listings – will enable members to email listing information to their clients directly from CONNECT.

Reporting of Sales – will aid in the updating of status for Interboarded listings by checking the home board listing status.