has a new look!

Work has been underway to bring a new and refreshed experience to you, your clients and the public.  The site has been completely re-developed and re-designed from the ground up based on feedback we have received.  You can expect the following improvements:

  • Map-based design will work on mobile and desktop browsers
  • Image gallery (first five images)
  • An itinerary feature to assist in planning open house visits
  • Email, share via social media or print open house details directly from the site
  • Add an open house to your calendar
  • Receive an RSS feed with open house updates

New Location Aware Interface










Open Houses can now be printed, shared via social media, emailed and added to Favourites



The new itinerary feature allows planning of open house visits and provides detail directions.














All scheduled open houses will be migrated from the existing site to the new site upon launch.

Keep watching for updates……we expect to launch the new site mid-November.   Check Message of the Day (MOD) for further information.