Look4 HOMES now available!Look4Homes

Look4Homes is *the* app for the STARRS associations (RAHB, Niagara, Brantford and Simcoe) and their clients:

  • Invite clients to install your personalized Look4Homes
  • contacts and searches are in synch with Fusion
  • share listings with your clients
  • two-way communication with clients
  • see the properties your clients have marked as their favourites

Look4Homes will work on your iPhone, iPad or Android and will work on other mobile devices such as Blackberry, via the browser.

The REALTOR® area of the app – which you access using your usual Clareity log in credentials – includes detailed information about how to set up client accounts, invite your clients to “their” section and how to use each of the features.   This information is accessed via the Help link on the sidebar menu.

Your clients and other home buyers will also find Look4Homes valuable:  They can

  • view properties on interactive map searching using GPS location-based technology on the iPhone and Android platforms
  • search using all the usual search criteria, including price range and number of beds and baths
  • easily see all property details including multiple photos, price, property details and descriptions
  • save properties for easy review later, or share them via text, email, Facebook or Twitter
  • flag properties as favourites and automatically send them to their REALTOR®

Download Look4Homes from the Android Market – at the time of writing, it was expected by early July. The app should be available in the iStore by the middle of July.

You can also use the mobile HTML Browser  version of Look4Homes
– go to


If you have any questions, contact support@starrs.ca or call 905.667.4650 (RAHB MLS® helpline).


Fusion Experience app discontinued
CoreLogic is no longer offering or supporting Fusion Experience.

Users who want to continue using a virtualization solution to access Fusion can download the Puffin Browser or Photon Flash browsers from the App Store.  Once Puffin or Photon is installed, users can navigate to the login page and enter their regular user name and password to log in.

Members using devices that don’t support Flash and who want to be able to access Fusion from the Single Sign On (SSO), go to the SSO (rahb.starrs.ca) using Puffin or Photon, and then open Fusion in a new window – no more going back and forth between the SSO and Fusion Experience.


Have you tried the new Single Sign On yet?
What’s a single sign on, or SSO?

It’s a site where you log in once, and then navigate to the following RAHB applications without having to log in again:

  • Fusion*
  • WEBForms®
  • REALTOR Link®
  • Statistical Information Management (SIM) and
  • OpenHouses.ca

And there’s more!  From the Single Sign On page, you can take links to Point2 Agent, Property Panorama, Canada Post, Cities of Hamilton and Burlington, OREA, CREA, RECO, rahb.ca, the RAHB blog, MPAC, MLS® Dailies, MLS® topsheets, Education/Account Services and the online Realty Shoppe.

Just go to http://rahb.starrs.ca and see what it’s all about!

*Note:  iPad users – use the Puffin or Photon browsers to access the SSO, and you can easily link to Fusion.


Resize your photos for upload
Tech HelpLine has provided advice on how to deal with photos too large for upload.

cameraMany REALTORS® upload photos to their MLS® and other real estate web sites.  Photos that are taken at a high resolution (High Quality) save as large files – sometimes, too large for upload to those web sites.  Below are simple resize steps for both Window and Mac users.

Windows Solution:
Use the Image Resizer for Windows, courtesy of CodePlex.  This utility will allow you to safely and quickly resize your photos.  Although designed for Windows XP, l this program should also install on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and even Windows 8.

Here is how:

  1. Go to the URL: https://imageresizer.codeplex.com/
  2. Select the “DOWNLOADS” tab.
  3. Image resizerHalfway down the page, you will see a green icon and the words “Image Resizer.”
    Click on that hyperlink to begin downloading the utility.
  4. You’ll be prompted to “RUN” it and “Agree to [their] Terms.” (Do so, and then give it a minute or so to complete the download).
  5.  Then, in your files, select the photo you would like to resize. (You may also select multiple photos by holding the “Ctrl” key and left-clicking on different photos.)
  6. Once your photo(s) are selected, right click a photo and choose the “Resize Pictures” option from the menu box.
  • Clicking on this option brings up a dialogue box that gives you the size options.  You can choose the default Small to Large sizes, or make Custom sizes that fit your needs.
  • You’ll also notice that there is a ‘Replace the Originals’ setting.  I do not recommend this setting because it is usually preferable to have both versions available:  the smaller (lower quality) one and the larger (better quality) one, rather than having only the smaller (lower quality) photo.

Resize picture










Resize picture2










Mac Solution:

Macs have a built in process for resizing. It’s a five step procedure using the Preview App on Mac OSX.

Here are the steps:

  1. Select multiple pictures and open them using “Preview.”
  2. Use the key combination “Command + A,” which will select all your photos.
  3. Go to “Tools” and then “Adjust Size.”
  4. On the window that comes up, you can choose what height and width you would like to make your photo.
  5. Then,
  • if you wish to replace the large (better quality) file with the smaller (lower quality) file, go to “Files> Save All.”
  • if you wish to keep the large (better quality) file and the smaller (lower quality) file, go to “File>Export Selected Images” or “Save As.”


If you run into any complications, contact Tech HelpLine at 877.573.8104 or www.techhelpline.com – Monday to Friday 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.