1. Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11 Compatibility with CoreLogic MLS® Systems

Microsoft recently released Windows 8.1, which uses a new version of Internet Explorer 11.  Until CoreLogic has certified that IE11 is fully compatible with its MLS® systems, we recommend that Fusion users do not install Windows 8.1.  (Windows 8 does not support earlier, certified versions of Internet Explorer.)

Microsoft is working to address the following IE11 compatibility issue as quickly as possible:

  • In Fusion—the Report Manager is not compatible with the latest version of IE11.
  • Note:  the Fusion workaround is to add the Fusion domain (i.e. http://fusion.starrs.ca) to IE 11 Tools > Compatibility View settings.

Please note that Windows 8.1 is NOT an “automatic update” that would be applied without the user’s action.  In order to run Windows 8.1, users must either purchase a new computer with Windows 8.1 installed or purchase Windows 8.1 and upgrade their computer.  If they do so, the only version of Internet Explorer they will be able to use is IE11 and they will encounter the issue above until it is resolved.


2. Broker Load Tip

When entering a listing, go to the “Options” button (pictured below) located in the upper right hand corner of the screen to access some features that may make broker loading easier for you.

From here, you can turn on auto-expand  and change the behaviour of the auto-filtering.  Auto-filtering, by default, is set to “Contains”, meaning that the system will display any possible entry for that field that contains what you have typed.  Changing this to “Starts With” will show only options that start with what you have typed.  This makes entering listings much easier.