URL change for Fusion

The following notice was sent to all members on July 22.

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and CoreLogic, RAHB’s MLS® provider, have been working together to address concerns over the use of CREA’s trademarks – specifically MLS® and Multiple Listing Service® – in domain names.  As a result of these efforts, CoreLogic will stop using domain names in Canada which contain “MLS”, and RAHB’s MLS® system will no longer be located at link.fusionmls.com.

As of August 20, at approximately 6 a.m. EST, RAHB members and other MLS® users will log in to Fusion at the URL http://fusion.starrs.ca.  If, on August 20, you attempt to access Fusion using the old Fusion domain, you will be re-directed to the new domain automatically – you will see this message:


Please bookmark this address or add it to your favourites and use it for accessing Fusion in future:    http://fusion.starrs.ca

RAHB is preparing for this change, and there are preparations members will also have to make to accommodate this change of domain address for Fusion.

If you have an agent web page [(your user name).link.fusionmls.com] or if you have a website with links to an agent webpage, you must update the URL to [your user name].fusion.starrs.ca.   If you use a service to do your website, you will have to have your webmaster make the changes.  The change to the new URL can be made after August 6, although the website will be in test mode from August 6 to August 20.

In the unlikely event you have incorporated your [user name]@link.fusionmls.com email address into any personal promotional materials or websites, the address will have to be updated to [your user name]@fusion.starrs.ca.

Members or brokerage websites which use Fusion’s IDX search links on any external sites will need to point to the new domain:

New URLs

If you have any questions about this change to a new URL for Fusion, please get in touch with either Jason or George at the RAHB office – 905.529.8101 or jasonh@rahb.ca or georgea@rahb.ca



If you find that your SmartLinks are not opening, check to make sure you do not have a pop-up blocker enabled. If a pop-up blocker is enabled for Fusion, you may notice a blue “Loading” which quickly disappears. This is the page attempting to load, but being disabled by the pop-up blocker.


Here is how to create a desktop icon for Fusion:

  1. Right click on the desktop where you would like the icon to be placed
  2. Select “New” from the first menu and “Shortcut” from the second menu that will appear.
  3. Type the Fusion URL (http://fusion.starrs.ca/) into the field as shown below.Fusion icon1
  4. Click on “Next”
  5. Give the shortcut a name, as shown below
    Fusion icon2
  6. Click on “Finish”

For instructions for creating a bookmark/shortcut for Mac products, please go to http://support.apple.com/kb/ht2450