Don’t send REALTOR® Reports to your clients!
Real estate professionals handle sensitive information every day – and some may not understand how sensitive it is and the special care required.  Specifically, there are some MLS® listing reports – often referred to as “REALTOR®” reports – that contain information such as REALTOR® remarks, commission, and other information – all of which is highly confidential.  Sometimes reports contain showing instructions that no one wants to fall into the wrong hands – “Child home alone between 3 and 5, don’t show”, “Guard dog is really a pussycat”, “Owner on vacation until May – show at will”. Sometimes there is other sensitive information in the report – even descriptions of certain valuables and alarm codes, even though it is generally discouraged to put that kind of information on MLS®.

What does this mean to you?  If you handle these kinds of reports, you need to keep them confidential – be careful not to forward them via email, do not provide those reports to clients, and erase them from your computer when done using them.  Also, when you’re done with a printout you should use a cross-cut shredder to destroy it rather than putting it right in the trash or recycle bin.  You don’t have to read every report and decide if it has sensitive information on it – just make it a habit to use that shredder.

Reprinted and adapted with permission from Matt’s Real Estate Technology Blog by Matt Cohen



Fusion Update!
A new update to Fusion Experience (Beta) for the Android device is now available on Google Play.  This updates the Android version to the same code base as the iOS version.  Please note:  Because the smaller screen size does not provide an optimal experience, the Android version will continue to carry the Beta label.