As we enter 2018, I want to wish all of you every opportunity for success in the coming year.

Our Association, through many programs and efforts, is committed to empowering our members to succeed. Directors, our CEO and staff are responsible for governance, finances, contract negotiations, futures planning, a robust MLS® system, education and other areas of performance to serve our members and to make RAHB the Association of choice within our profession. With a successful data sharing agreement in place, REALTORS® have options. We will work hard to be the best option.

During the coming year, I want our Board to focus on two themes in particular: effective communication and professionalism.

I encourage you to reach out to Directors and staff when you need a question answered or you have a constructive idea. I will also be encouraging the Board and staff to do a better job of keeping members informed of changes to service, the latest developments, or any issue that affects your ability to provide excellent service to your clients. We will do a better job of listening and at keeping everyone informed.

We are committed to raising the professionalism of our industry. There has been a strong message from the public and from within our ranks that we need to raise the bar. Our everyday interactions with clients and fellow REALTORS®, every conversation, every phone call, every social media post, every part of the buying and selling negotiation demand integrity and professionalism. This can be accomplished in many ways. By adhering to our Bylaws, our Code of Ethics and statutes governing our industry, we can raise our reputation as true professionals. We should not wait to be forced to do this. We need to regain the respect of the public and each other – respect that is hard to gain and quick to lose.

My commitment to you is that throughout this year, in addition to the recognized functions that the Board undertakes, I will regularly look to these themes of effective communication and professionalism and work toward improving both.

Please consider volunteering for any of the various RAHB committees and task forces in 2018. It is a rewarding  learning experience that will make you a more informed REALTOR®.


Jack Loft
RAHB President