Matrix Shorthand Symbols

How’s your shorthand? Here are some shorthand symbols to use in Matrix:

The plus symbol + or minus symbol will indicate “greater than” or “less than” values.
Example:10+ for more than 10 and 10- for less than 10. (Enter 10 for exactly 10.)
If you are looking for a range, enter it as 10-50 (as an example)
The asterisk * is a wildcard.
Example: enter p* in the Street Name search field to get all the streets beginning with the letter P that meet all the criteria you have entered (region, city, etc)
The question mark ? can be used with a letter or number as a length delimiter.
Exampe: p?? will return pow, pwr, pan, pic, pro, pub.
The exclamation mark ! means “not”.
Example: !3 in a field will give you all responses except those that equal 3.
To select more than one item, hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard while clicking on the desired items with your mouse.
To remove a selected item, hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard while clicking with your mouse and the item will deselect.


What’s the Speed Bar for?

The Speed Bar is a multi-purpose searching tool will allow you to run a search from any screen. To learn more about this very handy function, go to Help in RAHB Matrix, and click on Speed Bar.

Speed Bar


Fill Your Cart!

Matrix allows you to put aside listings for review at a later time. When you see a listing you would like to review later for a client, or put aside for use as a comparable, click on Carts from the Actions menu located at the bottom of your screen. You will then be given a list of carts you can add the listing to. You have one cart for each property type, and one for each client.

Fill Your Cart

For the client carts, you can put aside listings that you feel your client may be interested in, but may fall outside of their search criteria. At any time, you can open the client’s cart from your home page (or from the contacts list), and email some (or all) of the listings in the cart. The system will automatically keep track of when you emailed the listing to your client, and will display the date the listing was emailed beside the listing, or it will read Never if the listing has never been emailed.

For more information about using your Cart, go to Help in RAHB Matrix, click on Matrix Video Tutorials and choose Carts Video Tutorials.