March 15, 2016

By now you’ll have heard that RAHB is participating in the development of a regional MLS® system and “shift”ing to a new MLS® platform – Matrix. To help you prepare for The Shift, we will be emailing regular updates with news, training information, links to helpful website and more. Watch your email inbox for future issues of The Shift!



Use Matrix to search for listings!

Did you know that Matrix is live and you can use it to search regional listings? 

Matrix is running in parallel with Fusion, so the Matrix listings search functionality is fully ready for use by all RAHB members.

Why search using Matrix?

You should search using Matrix simply because Matrix contains all listed properties from the eight associations involved in developing the regional MLS® system, and that includes Oakville (OMDREB), Kitchener-Waterloo (KWAR), Guelph (GDAR), Cambridge (CAR), Brantford (BRREA), Simcoe (SDREA), Niagara (NAR) and RAHB.  Fusion will also continue to have listings for those in the STARRS area (BRREA, SDREA, NAR and RAHB) during the parallel period.

Update: As of May 10, the Brantford Regional Real Estate Association (BRREA), Simcoe District Real Estate Board (SDREB) and Niagara Association of REALTORS® (NAR) will be fully-live on Matrix and will stop using Fusion at that time.   Listings will not be added to nor displayed in Fusion – they will appear only in Matrix.


The situation

Until RAHB makes the final cutover to Matrix and retires Fusion, you must continue to broker load your listings into Fusion.  This is because the listing add/edit functionality within Matrix is not yet enabled for RAHB.  To ensure all RAHB area listings are showing up within Matrix, Fusion listings are automatically uploaded to Matrix every 15 minutes.

The reverse is not true, however.  When anyone who belongs to an association fully live on Matrix (currently OMDREB, KWAR, GDAR and CAR) loads a listing into Matrix, the listing is not copied to Fusion automatically.   If their listing is located in the RAHB area (with the exception of OMDREB members – more about that later), members from those organizations could interboard their listing to RAHB, but not everyone does that, as history has shown.  So, there could be listings located within the RAHB/STARRS area that are in Matrix but not in Fusion.


This is where having access to Matrix is such an advantage – you can now search Matrix for all those listings which may not be on Fusion.

So what does this all mean for RAHB members?

This situation will exist until RAHB makes the final cutover to Matrix after the parallel period.  In the meantime, there are things you can do to make sure you have the most information for your buyers and, if you are a dual member, the widest exposure of your listing for your sellers.

RAHB Members

• You can continue to search in Fusion, as you have always done. If you want to see if there are listings in the RAHB/STARRS area that may have been taken by a non-RAHB/non-STARRS member, then use your access to Matrix to do an additional search – that way you will have all of the information. You can use Matrix to enhance your searches.

• If you prefer, you can do all of your searches in Matrix, where you will see all listings – those loaded into Matrix and those uploaded from Fusion. This would cut down on one step of your search, and produce the same results.

• You will continue to use Fusion for broker loading and listing maintenance.

If you haven’t been using Matrix, you can find help for how to navigate through Matrix and set up your searches in the Matrix Transition Guide or in the Matrix 6.12 Quick Start Guide, or watch a Matrix webinar.  There will also be Matrix sessions at REALTOR® CONNECTIONS on March 23, and you can always call the RAHB MLS® Help Desk for assistance.

Dual Members:

(members of RAHB plus another association already using Matrix)

Dual RAHB/OMDREB members

• If you have a listing in the RAHB area, remember that the Access Agreement still exists, and you must still place your listing on Fusion. When you load your listing on Fusion, your listing will be automatically uploaded to Matrix, so you won’t have to enter it again into Matrix.

Other Dual members
• To make sure that RAHB members who choose to continue to only use Fusion, also see your listings, please also enter your listings in Fusion even if you have already loaded your listings into Matrix, or interboard your listings to RAHB. Please note that you may also enter your listing just in Fusion, and your listing will be uploaded to Matrix automatically since that process occurs every 15 minutes.

Please note:  If your listing is in another association’s area and the “out of area” code comes up as 999 in Matrix, RAHB staff are automatically notified and will create a duplicate listing in Matrix with the proper district or neighbourhood code.  This will mean there are two listings for that one property in Matrix, but this is the only way to ensure your listing is searchable in the right location at the present time.

More on non-member listings

RAHB has an Access Agreement with the Oakville/Milton association (OMDREB) and any listing that is in RAHB’s market area taken by an OMDREB member should be interboarded (via an access listing) by OMDREB staff to Fusion.  However, OMDREB is the only association with that agreement with RAHB.  RAHB-area listings taken by a member of the Kitchener-Waterloo (KWAR), Cambridge (CAR) or Guelph (GDAR) associations do not necessarily end up on Fusion as there is no agreement saying they must.  The same is true for listings taken by members of other Ontario real estate associations, such as TREB.  So the safe bet for you is to add using Matrix to your searches to find those listings that may not be in Fusion.

One final word

One of the strengths of the Regional MLS® System is that members of the participating associations will have access to listing information for all properties listed in their areas and outside their areas, regardless of which participating member listed the property.  The only way to benefit from that strength is to use Matrix, the regional MLS® system, for your searches.

To get additional help

Please call RAHB’s MLS® Services Help Desk at 905.667.4650.


Important links

Matrix Transition Guide
CoreLogic’s Matrix 6.12 Quick Start Guide
New Regional Residential Data Input Form
New Regional Commercial Data Input Form

** Remember – do not use the new Regional Data Input Forms until you are able to broker load in Matrix **

Please note: the development of the regional MLS® system is a work in progress. All information provided in the issue of The Shift is correct as of March 15, 2016.