This month, instead of focusing on one member service, we’re going to look at what members have had to say about the services that are most valuable to them.

In a large member survey done in 2014, members identified RAHB’s five most valuable member services as:

  1. MLS® and technology
  2. Enforcement of rules/professional standards
  3. Professional development
  4. Communications to members
  5. Government relations

In a more recent survey performed by Kitestring Media on RAHB’s behalf, members said that RAHB’s most valuable services are:

  1. MLS®
  2. Statistics (both SIM and monthly stats reports)
  3. Professional development
  4. Realty Shoppe
  5. Communications (tied with …)
  6. Professional standards
  7. RAHB promotion through advertising
  8. REALTOR® CONNECTIONS AGM, Conference & Trade Show
  9. Membership/committee meetings
  10. Convenient payment plans (tied with …)
  11. Political action mandate

Other services that didn’t make the “top” list were REALTORS® 4Kids Charity Auction, Karan Barker Scholarships, AD&D insurance and meeting room rentals.

Your RAHB membership provides numerous and diverse services.  Which are most important to you?