This month we cast the Spotlight on one of the most important processes that takes place in the RAHB year, where only you, the member, can make a difference.

RAHB annual elections:  your vote counts!

RAHB’s Board of Directors is your voice at RAHB, and every year you have a say in who speaks for you.

Very soon, RAHB’s Nomination Committee will be circulating information about the election process for the 2017 Board of Directors.  They will be asking qualified candidates to step forward and run for one of the vacant positions on next year’s Board.

Whether or not you qualify or want to run as a Director, this is important information for you.

RAHB’s Directors set the direction for the association.  They are there to work in the best interests of members because they are, themselves, RAHB members and they understand the issues facing REALTORS® and the real estate profession.  They also have to be aware of how market, technological and other changes affect the association.  Based on their knowledge of these factors, Directors decide on the present and future direction for RAHB and its members.

With that kind of responsibility, it’s important that Directors have the skills and knowledge to carry out their duties on behalf of all RAHB members.

And that’s where you come in.  Elections are important for all members because:

  • Qualified members can run for a place on the Board of Directors
  • All members can vote for who will represent them on the Board

When you see the Nomination Committee’s email with information about nominations for next year’s Board of Directors, read through and see what it takes to be a Director.  Do you know someone you would nominate because they would make a good Director?  Would you run yourself?  Would you like to meet the candidates so you can talk about their platform and what you think is important?  Find answers to these and other questions in the Nominations Committee package coming to you at the end of the summer.

Be part of the election process and have your say in how RAHB’s future will unfold.