Everyone knows that RAHB has exceptional members, but did you know that there are ways these members can be recognized and their contributions celebrated?

RAHB has four awards that recognize RAHB members who go above and beyond! These awards are truly a recognition by peers, as recipients are chosen by task forces made up of RAHB members. Awards are made only when candidates meet stringent criteria, so they may not be given out every year.


The Honorary Life award goes to a RAHB member who:

  • is a recognized leader in the real estate industry
  • has demonstrated exemplary service to organized real estate
  • is a person of positive character, integrity and an advocate for ethical real estate practice
  • has made a positive contribution to the association over a period of no less than ten years
  • exemplifies professionalism in real estate

The Volunteer of the Year award is presented to a RAHB committee member who demonstrates exceptional qualities, enthusiasm and perseverance or has gone above and beyond to serve their fellow RAHB members.

The Award of Merit goes to a RAHB member who has shown exceptional dedication and service to RAHB and has contributed positively to RAHB for three or more years.

The Outstanding Community Service award is presented to a member who has shown outstanding dedication to the real estate profession and exceptional volunteer service to their community for three years or more.


Do you know a member who you think should receive one of these awards? If so, be sure to nominate them for an award! Watch REALINFO for more information about award nominations and deadlines.